Foldable smartphones – thing is overrated. They are awkward, unreliable and very expensive. To buy this would mean to doom itself to constant tension for fear to drop it or scratch, because you can damage unprotected glass screen under the force of even the tiniest crumbs out of your pocket. Therefore, most likely, to see the device in this category, which is really something good, we will be able not earlier than in two years, because by that time be ready foldable iPhone.

To answer the question posed in the title, we conducted a survey among subscribers of our chat in Telegram. We, frankly, does not surprise me.

How much is a folding iPhone

14% of those who expressed a willingness to purchase a foldable iPhone, said that would buy it at the price around $ 700. They considered the price most appropriate, given the experimental nature of the product.

12% of the respondents agreed to pay for a folding iPhone from 1000 to 1200 dollars. Probably most of them already owns an iPhone XS, but because of the transition to a device with a flexible display is viewed just as a convenience upgrade.

4% of respondents were interested in buying foldable iPhone a little more telling about the readiness to spend up to $ 1,500. A lot of money, despite the fact that Huawei Mate and Samsung Galaxy X Fold still more expensive.

And only 2% of respondents agreed to donate $ 2,000 and more to get the iPhone, which was developed and opened to them wider opportunities for work. Its decision they explained by the need for the bigger screen and the desire to touch a real innovation.

The remaining 68% of the respondents frankly admitted that not buy foldable iPhone for any money, even if Apple will sell its cheaper classic models.

Why iPhone does not need any folding

The reason why users do not want to buy such a machine, lies in the lack of usage scenarios. It is not enough just to create an interesting looking product, you also need to figure out how and where to apply it. Personally, I don’t think Apple will be able to leave only on the large display foldable iPhone. And that novelty was really desirable, engineers and marketers have a lot of work to devising methods of using such apparatus, whose appearance forms a completely new niche in the market.