No matter what anyone said, but iOS remains a more intuitive platform than Android. That alone is worth the return mechanism to the top of the page: clicking on the top of the screen, and you find yourself at the top of the list. This feature works in almost all applications, greatly easing the work with news feeds and sites where you have implemented infinite scrolling. But what if you need to quickly descend to the bottom of the page?

It turns out that in iOS 13 mechanism has been implemented that allows you to quickly scroll the page until the very end. Whether Apple adds it in one of the last beta that came out to date, whether no one came to check, but to find a new scroll function failed until now. And found the developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who traditionally share information about implicit innovations proprietary operating systems.

How to increase the scroll speed on iOS

  • To activate quick scroll, open the page you want to scroll through and make a small swipe to the right, a semi-transparent slider for scrolling;
  • Click on it with your finger and hold it for approximately one and a half seconds to activate fast scrolling (on devices with Taptic Engine you will feel a slight vibration);
  • Without lifting your finger from the slider, slide it to the right place (you can stay anywhere);
  • To return to the top or hit the top of the screen, or again, use the scroller if you want to go to a particular place on the page.

Really strange that Apple decided to implement fast scrolling in iOS just now. Personally, when I learned about its existence, really thought that it was available on earlier versions of the operating system, but checking your iPad on iOS 12, I became convinced that it is not. And you also thought that this feature was already? Please share your answers in the comments or our Telegram chat.