The launch of the fifth generation networks in Russia, despite the willingness of operators to provide high speed Internet stadiums and shopping malls, is still under question. The main reason is the shortage of frequencies. The fact that the range, which is globally used technology of 5G in Russia occupied by the military, which in any do not want to lose their operators. However, the way out of the situation is, and it is to use frequencies that aren’t used by anybody, except Japan and China.

According to “Kommersant”, 5G in Russia can earn at frequencies of 4.4-4,99 GHz. This range is popular only in Japan and China, while the rest of the world uses frequencies of 3.4-3.8 GHz. What are the risks?

Problem 5G in Russia

In fact, problems can be much more than he can imagine an ordinary user.

Because unclaimed in the world of the frequency band in which 5G will work in Russia, domestic operators will not be able to buy equipment from foreign suppliers. Instead, you have to use their own power, which at the moment just yet.

Not only that, their development may take several years, so once the price of the project risks to be one and a half times higher than in procurement from foreign suppliers. Hence, it is logical, followed by a later launch of the 5G technology, as well as the inevitable growth of prices for services of access to the Internet at high speeds. Because of this, users may simply drop out, focusing on a more affordable LTE.


The speed of 5G in Russia

But that’s not all. The lack of experience in the development of specialized equipment from Russian producers will affect its characteristics. Because of this, they can be weaker than that of foreign suppliers with relevant experience that is likely to affect the speed. This is recognized even in the Ministry of communications, warning of a possible “behind progress” in the case of using domestic capacity to support the work of networks of the fifth generation.

One of the few manufacturers of equipment capable of providing 5G in the range of 4.8 to 4.9, is Huawei. The company is ready to start supplying equipment to Russia, but only under the condition that the volume of purchases of Russian operators will be comparable to the volume of purchases of China Mobile. And since the latter is the main operator in China, serving a billion population, you can guess what he’s having a lot and constantly – in short, much more than we need Russia.

Smartphones with 5G in Russia

And we are not talking about the fact that devices which work in the 5G networks in the range of 4.4-4,99, today almost none. At least processors from Qualcomm are working in the more popular frequencies of 3,4-3,8 GHz. Therefore, to use the networks of the fifth generation, will have to wait for the own modems from Huawei and MediaTek devices which will clearly be a little. It turns out that the project in the form in which it exists now, not disadvantageous from the standpoint of cost or from the point of view of operational properties. And then what is the point in the launch?