Apple may introduce new MacBook enabled networks of the fifth generation already in 2020. Such assumption was put forward by the journalists DigiTimes. If this information is true, it will be the first laptops with built-in cellular module. Isn’t that what we were waiting for the last few years?

The first MacBook c support 5G

According to the publication DigiTimes, the final design of MacBook c support 5G has already been approved. As the network of the fifth generation use the mmWave range, and any signals of this type are blocked by the aluminum housing, the company intends to use a special ceramic elements in the body of the laptop.

Unfortunately, insiders have not reported what the specific model in question — Air or Pro.

This decision, of course, will cost Apple, but it’s definitely worth it: a new type of antennas will provide higher data transfer speed — at least two times faster than traditional modems.

Apple and competitors

By the way, Apple won’t be the first if you implement cell module with support for 5G to MacBook. At the moment the appropriate decision is prepared from Lenovo, HP, and Dell’s first notebooks with support for fifth generation networks will be on the market before the end of this year.

MacBook 3G/LTE

In the past Apple has repeatedly planning to add the cellular module in their laptops. My first modem could appear in the original MacBook Air, however, Steve jobs at the time, spoke out strongly against the idea. According to him, the module would take up too much space in the notebook, and at that time the engineers were challenged to create the most thin and compact laptop.

However, after the death of Steve jobs, Apple has resumed work in this direction, and even patented a MacBook with LTE. However, this idea remained on paper and not implemented in a real product.

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