Security and confidentiality of personal data is one of the top priorities of Apple today, as repeatedly spoken CEO Tim cook. The Corporation strives to continuously improve the protection mechanisms of the OS, constantly employing eminent experts on information security. What else Apple is ready to provide maximum security of their operating systems?

How much is the vulnerability

During the conference Black Hat in Las Vegas, head of security Apple Ivan krstić announced a reward for a critical vulnerability discovered in iOS. According to him, the Corporation is ready to part with one million dollars if the problem is really serious and will allow potential attackers to capture your personal data on the device or remotely control them. It is the largest reward that had ever appointed a large technology company.

The most expensive vulnerability

One million dollars will be able to count those hackers who will be able to find the so-called vulnerability “zero day”.

According to the requirements of Apple, this gap must allow hackers to control the device remotely. It is important that the whole hacking process was Autonomous and did not require any action from the user (for example, to run a program or go to the link). Only in these cases, the company is willing to part with such an impressive amount.

Remuneration in the amount of $ 500,000 will be awarded to those who can produce full-fledged network attack, again, without user intervention. Hackers need to get access to basic information stored on the device — messages, data, credit cards, photos and emails.

Why Apple increased the reward for finding bugs

Previously for serious mistakes Apple has offered up to $ 200,000. The award was increased due to the fact that such vulnerabilities are very popular on the black market, and, accordingly, there are much more expensive. Now the amount increased five-fold, allowing the hackers to “sell” the vulnerability directly to Apple.

Along with the growth of remuneration, the company expanded the program to identify vulnerabilities. Now to participate in the search for errors can not only well-known security specialists but to everyone. Apply here.