Spying on users is something that Apple does not tolerate the most. So when the public learned that their conversations with Siri listens, and protested the company shall immediately froze this initiative. However, in Cupertino are a little too quietly slid off of the topic, not giving any apology nor any clear explanation as to why all this was necessary. But now, I think it’s time to dot the “e”.

Siri listens to us. So what?

“Before we suspended the program of data collection, it was involved in less than 0.2% of users Siri. This was to find out how well Siri understood the request and how well he responded,” — said in a statement Apple.

Wiretapping Siri

However, since the news that Apple collects user data, was negatively perceived by some of them, the company decided to change the policy of data collection, making it a few adjustments. Isn’t that all we expect? Share your opinion in the comments or our Telegram chat.

  • Users will decide whether they want Apple recorded their conversations with Siri to improve the quality of service;
  • Employees Apple will be able to listen to talk only to those users who have given their permission for participation in the program improved Siri;
  • Apple will no longer store the records of conversations of users, who refused from participation in the program, and will only use transcription data by the computer;
  • Apple will remove even the transcription of conversation that were accidentally recorded Siri.

Due to the fact that now the majority of calls users with Siri will transcribe computer, Apple was forced to refuse the services of over 300 professionals who were involved in the transcripts. They were all independent of the company-contractor and was not in the state Apple.