Apple is difficult to deny the desire to ensure the safety of user data. For this the company makes all possible efforts, by embedding in their devices, special mechanisms that prevent the snooping, and even voluntarily abandoning the collection of voice commands given to Siri. But for some users this was not enough, and they decided that it would be superfluous to punish Apple for location data for iCloud on servers that do not belong.

A group of users from the USA appealed to the court of Northern California with a lawsuit against Apple. The company is accused of introducing their clients to confusion about the conditions of storage of their sensitive data in iCloud. The plaintiffs claim that they were not informed that the safety of all of the information they upload to the cloud, will not provide the Apple and third-party companies that have been repeatedly accused of unauthorized surveillance of users.

Where is the data stored with iCloud

“Advertising yourself as a service provider [store data in the cloud], Apple is, in fact, was an intermediary between the user and the actual providers, whose role was performed by Microsoft, Google and Amazon. This allowed Apple to convince users believe that their data are protected by the company to issue a paid subscription to iCloud and thus to profit from his fraud,” the plaintiffs claim.

Whose server uses Apple

In fact, this claim is not devoid of meaning. Due to the lack of private servers Apple uses the services of its partners, though does not mention it. The company has resorted to this practice around the world, as to build its own data centers worldwide is not economically feasible. Another thing is that only in China Apple reveals the name of his partner, which provides data storage of local user. Available to them in the agreement, all information sent to the iCloud is stored on servers Guizhou Cloud Big Data, while other such frankness was denied.

As for Apple’s plans to reveal the name of your partner in China, it is likely that in Cupertino did so because they fear that user data can fall into the hands of local security services or the government. Therefore, the company distanciruemsa from possible arbitrariness of the authorities, making it clear that she’d like to do with it. What do you think, is it? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.