Apple rarely go on about their users, preferring not to respond to any to the claims or wishes. This tradition was initiated by Steve jobs, who believed that the customer often does not know himself what he wants, as long as he does not give. However, there are situations in which the policy of ignoring may result in the company big problems. For example, as was the case with the forced deceleration of the iPhone which Apple has decided not to warn users. Then, in order to restore its credibility in Cupertino built into iOS mechanism for improving performance and started to change batteries at a discount. No exception in this sense and wiretapping conversations of users with Siri.

Apple made the decision to suspend the programme of analysis of the voice commandsthat users give Siri. On this edition of TechCrunch, told the official representatives of the company. This solution in Cupertino explained the need to conduct further investigation of the ways in which Siri records the conversations of the users and whether some of the records produced secretly by users in case of accidental activation.

Apple listening to us

“We put a lot of effort to ensure the privacy of users of Siri. However, we are going to conduct a large-scale investigation, and therefore suspend the operation of the analysis program in the world”, — said in a statement Apple.

How to disable Siri to eavesdrop

On completion of investigation, Apple plans to introduce software that will allow users to decide whether they want to participate in the program improve the quality of service or not. As a result, they can either record their conversations, endorsing their shipment to Apple or be banned completely. Thus, in working to ensure the rights of users to privacy and protection of their sensitive data.

It’s obvious that Apple is seriously concerned about the frequency of false positives Siri, which records that it absolutely was not intended. So, instead of having to deal with the decoding of the misunderstood assistant voice commands are language specialists are forced to listen to private conversations about selling drugs, the sounds of sex and a lot of what most people usually prefer to keep secret from outsiders.