Despite the fact that, as shown by our experience, Apple is pretty loyal in service, sometimes in Cupertino behave not as we would like to users. On one such occasion, was told by the developer Daniel Hendricks, who went to the nearest Apple Store for replacing the defective keyboard of my MacBook Pro, which Apple promises to all owners of defective laptops. But what was his surprise when he received a refusal on a rather trumped-up reason.

August 9, 2019 Hendricks made an appointment with a specialist Genius Barto confirm the marriage of keyboard and sent MacBook Pro for repairs. The laptop is inspected for external damage, fixed address, were taken into care, promising to inform about readiness via SMS.

Replace MacBook keyboard

The message came about an hour after Hendricks left the store. However, it contained in itself not good news with an invitation to pick up the repaired laptop, and denial of service. I wonder how would you react to that? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

On the vexed question of the client, what was the reason for the refusal, he was informed that repair is not possible because of traces of nicotine deposited on the insides of the laptop. According to the staff of the Apple Store, their presence indicates the appliance is a smoker and is a legitimate reason not to repair this gadget.

Denial of warranty repairs

Hendricks himself did not hide that is a heavy smoker, and therefore admitted that traces of nicotine can settle on the insides of his MacBook Pro. But not even that interesting, and the fact that Hendricks refused to return his MacBook Pro before he signed a waiver to the employees of the Apple Store. In the end he had no choice but to obey the request and to agree that the fault lies on him.

Then, to somehow soothe Hendricks, the store Manager told him that he is not alone, and Apple never repairs the gadgets that have come in contact with substances harmful to the respiratory tract. For example, the Manager explained, the same fate awaited iPhone, which was used by operating companies to manufacture asbestos.