We have heard that this fall Apple is going to release a brand new MacBook Pro. It needs to display with a diagonal of 16 inches, the keyboard of the “scissors” of the new generation who will replace the injured fail “butterfly” and a powerful processor from Intel. It is quite logical the list of innovations, the appearance of which have been long overdue. Another thing that is not clear how the device will coexist in tandem with the one already in the company’s product line MacBook Pro 15”. But, as usual, in Cupertino have figured it out.

As reported by analysts IHS, Markit, Apple will abandon production of the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro after the release of new items, since it is its logical continuation, albeit more advanced. It is clear from the small difference in the diagonal measurement of the screens of both models, which is equal to only 0.6 of an inch. To achieve this growth, Apple will be due to the reduction of part of the perimeter of the display. As a result, the dimensions of the laptops are almost identical.

When will the MacBook Pro 16″

Quite strange that Apple decided to release 16-inch MacBook Pro in this year. The fact that only a few months ago, the company updated the model with a diagonal of 15.4 inches, providing it a more efficient processor and Radeon graphics. Unlike most upgrades that occur in the middle of the year, this has been quite substantial: with the updated hardware, the laptop got a 40% performance boost.

It is logical to assume that the new MacBook Pro 16” is at least not weaker, but it will be without flaws of its predecessor. At least, his keyboard will get stuck and fail in the first month of use. Therefore, those who have already upgraded to a MacBook Pro 15” this year, definitely will be unhappy with Apple’s decision to turn their laptop into a pumpkin.

The failure of Apple

Usually Apple does not allow himself anything like it. The last time the company did not survive the statutory year between releases of devices of different generations occurred in 2013. Then the company released the iPad 3 and iPad 4 with a difference of only 7 months. However, she had every reason. The third generation of signature tablets Apple was extremely contradictory: his iron was too weak to ensure comfortable operation tablet and Retina screen has made the device heat up too much.

In relation to MacBook Pro 15″ this scenario is not the most rosy. Except for a few cases of a failure of the keyboard, “butterfly” laptop current generation is quite self-sufficient and seem to gain 0.6 inches to the diagonal of its display is clearly not what he needs.

In General, the upgrade is a MacBook Pro 15″ — the question is quite debatable. The fact that the most popular Apple laptop is the 13-inch model you are buying not much better than 15 inch. As a result, after the appearance in the model range of the model since the display is 16 inches the vast majority of users will still ignore this upgrade, especially if you consider the price of $ 3,000, which it plans to install Apple.