October 30, 2018 the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in new York city became the next “Apple” of the hoax. The reality distortion field of it wasn’t recorded, but presented on her the audience were excited and brought. It was not boring. Different sources indicate different locations for this event. In addition to BAM, called the Opera house the Howard Gilman. And the journalists who were his reports from the epicenter of the event, claimed that they are “in theatre”. But the answer, unfortunately, is simple: the Brooklyn Academy of Music a few buildings, and scenic areas four. Two of them, including the Opera house the Howard Gilman 109 for 2 people, is located in the building of the Peter Jay sharp on Lafayette Avenue. This is where it happened.

No mysteries, no intrigue? I can please you, the mystery is still there. On the front of the building easy to read “1859”. BAM was founded in 1861. I mean the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In the Russian Empire abolished slavery in the United States, the North fought with the South. The building could well build to something else, for example to accommodate an Apple Store, I have no objections.

Opera House The Howard Gilman

Except for one thing: the building in which the center was located since 1861 in 1903, burned down to the ground, and it was, though not far from here, but not at this place. The building of the Peter Jay sharp built in 1908. It is not a mystery, but at least let something remain a mystery. On the right side, symmetrically with the inscription “1859”, there is another number “1907”. Else – themselves.

Opera house the Howard Gilman, 30 Oct 2018

An invitation to the Opera

This is the invitation Apple sent out October 18, 12 days before the incident. New York is a city of diversity than its inhabitants are very proud. Apple has tried not to disappoint expectations, the pictures on the invitations was different. And it looks like no connection between what the picture was on the invitation and their addressees were not. But started the event with a graphical presentation in the style of LSD: symbols with prompts seamlessly into one another, to the music, causing some strange sensations and associations. The video at the end of the article.

All pictures of the invitations

The motto of the event was “There’s more in the making,” which can be translated as “In the process something else”,other options are possible. One More Thing (something Else), from beginning to end? There are different ways to treat the Apple and to the fact that it was announced that day, but even the presentation of changes in the App Store, the likes of which I usually roll, this time I looked with interest. Is even it is possible to apply interesting.

About numbers and performing arts

It turns out that as of 30 October, 2018, year, active Macs in the world was a hundred million. How accurate this number is and how its calculated – I don’t know. At the same time, the media announced the number of personal computers in the world, 2 billion. As they are counted, take into account whether four old Mac which I don’t use – I don’t know. But if this estimate is close to the truth, we (I do Mac 1988 AMI, all life) is only 5 percent. But what 5 percent! The same unknown source and called the number all mobile devices (smartphones, communicators, tablets, etc.) – 2.5 billion. Here at Apple are all very good: little more than a billion iOS devices, the iPad alone has sold 400 million (this number is reported on the same day, in the same Opera).

As always, I will try not to impose their own impressions of the event. Make your own conclusions – movie “in the basement” of the article. Vice-presidents and the head of marketing Macs were much more interesting and sincere than Phil Schiller – not that I can not mention, but you may develop a different opinion. Everything (except uninteresting to me) that it was announced I will write separately.

The October revolution happened on 7 November

All the new products, announced on 30 October, was released on 7 November. Something that reminds, isn’t it? The phantom of the Opera: the Great October socialist revolution, the anniversary of which was celebrated on the 7th of November. This is most likely a coincidence, though knowing Apple with its back side (though not as good as we would like, and mostly in the past), the fact that it was an accident, I would not bet. Who knows? They’re crazy.

New Mac and: revived MacBook Air (smaller, lighter, for the first time in its history proposed in the company’s colors, made of recycled aluminum, Retina, keyboard type “Butterfly III”, a huge touchpad) and Mac mini (dark gray “professional” colors, 60% of recyclable plastic and 100% same of aluminium, with 4 – and 6-core processors inside). Presentation – super. Yourself a new Mac and still nothing. Write in our Telegram chatif you have that now.

The new MacBook Air and Mac mini had one common feature. Apple called it a “security chip” or “secure enclave”. In fact it is more than just a unavailable store encryption keys, passwords, and data from Touch ID and Face ID. It’s a real iOS device inside the Mac, working in a variety of tasks. This chip is a NVMe SSD controller that controls access to flash memory and, at the same time, securely encrypting all the data on the drive, without compromising performance. This chip, which Apple T2 is a master of all trades. Read more about it you can learn here and here. With them there are some trouble – but they are likely to leave.