Apple rarely breaks the terms of delivery and typically produces its products exactly to the stated day. However, sometimes in Cupertino – whether the desire to make users surprise, whether out of fear of missing deadline – avoid specifying dates. As a result, users themselves have to guard the release, focusing on the company’s official website and its YouTube channel. In the case of the Apple Card, this technique worked perfectly.

Apple today officially launched its credit card Apple Card. The company’s commitment to the release was confirmed a few hours before his appearance on the YouTube channel video series, educational interaction with a new financial product.

Who can get a Apple Card

To apply for the release of the Apple Card, you must physically reside in the U.S. and have an iPhone with iOS 12.4 on Board. On earlier versions of the operating system to order the card will be impossible. This is the Apple Card works in test mode, and therefore access can not even all Americans. Obviously Apple just wants to test the service for a small audience.

How to order Apple Card

Apply for the Apple Card will be available from the app Wallet, however, while this possibility is available only through the link that Apple sent to the users selected to participate in the first wave distribution. Clicking on it will open the registration form with the possibility to choose the performance map: physical or virtual. After that you will calculate the allowable credit limit and interest rate for using the Bank’s funds – from 13 to 24%. And they say, in Russia, loans are expensive.

How to get Titan Apple Card

Despite the fact that Titan Apple Card doesn’t support contactless payment, it can be useful in those institutions where there are no terminals that support NFC. However, not everyone may want to carry a map with you. For example, the editor of The Verge Nilai Patel called Titan Apple Card thicker and heavier in comparison with traditional cards, and also lamented the lack of support for PayPass technology, which precisely would not prevent.

Unlike Apple’s virtual Card appears in the Wallet immediately, Titan comes by mail in a special envelope. To activate it, enough to bring the smartphone to the envelope and wait for pairing.

However, non-contact activation method is suitable only to owners of iPhone XR and XS, which has a function of reading NFC tags. Everyone else will have to open the Wallet app and go through manual activation.