A few years ago it seemed that the position of Apple in the smartphone market is unwavering. However, times have changed and today the company is inferior to quantitative sales to other vendors. This reads and analysis report IHS Markit. Things are so bad that Apple no longer among the three largest global manufacturers of smartphones.

Apple vs OPPO

In the second in 2019, Apple took only fourth place in the ranking of the main producers of smartphones. According to the report, the leading position in the mobile market is Samsung, which covers 23% of the global sales segment. Next comes Huawei c market share of 18%. And third place, relegating Apple suddenly took over the Chinese company OPPO, capturing 11% of the total share.

Statistics of world sales of smartphones for the second quarter of 2019.

If Samsung and Huawei all more or less clear, the news that OPPO have managed to overtake Apple at least very surprising. The Chinese group has released the first smartphone only in 2011 and has managed in a short time to conquer the market of mobile devices.

Of course, a difference of 900 thousand smartphones sold is not much, but the fact speaks volumes about how bad the iPhone is sold, and what the rapidly developing Chinese manufacturers.

The smartphone business is Apple really going through hard times: for the first time since 2012, sales of the iPhone brought Apple less than half of total revenue.

If we talk about quantity sales, major vendors are as follows:

  • Samsung — 75.1 million smartphones sold.
  • Huawei 58.7 million smartphones sold.
  • OPPO — 36.2 million smartphones sold.
  • Apple is 35.3 million smartphones sold.
  • Xiaomi — 31.9 million smartphones sold.
  • Vivo — 28.4 million smartphones sold.
  • LG — 8.9 million smartphones sold.
  • Motorola sold 8.3 million smartphones.
  • Tecno — 3.9 million smartphones sold.
  • TCL-Alcatel — 3.8 million smartphones sold.

The potential of the global smartphone market

According to IHS Market, consumers have a different approach to buying expensive smartphones and rarely change them. On average, the flagship model of the users are updated every 2-3 years.

Analysts believe that Apple is able to regain lost ground, but it needs to meet the users and release a budget iPhone model costing up to $ 300. It is quite obvious that not everyone is able to afford a smartphone for more than $ 1,000. And this despite the fact that the upward trend in sales is in such strategically important regions as China, Brazil and India.