Despite the traditional fault-finding by Apple for applications that are hosted in the App Store, sometimes it seems that companies no matter what they do developers. This is due to the fact that the catalogue and then penetrate a program with questionable functionality, the purpose of which, apparently, is spying on users, and Apple is not even trying to take any measures against them.

According to experts of the company Top10VPN, more than 70% of all VPN posted in the App Store, are a danger to user data. One of them redirects all traffic to Chinese servers, and the other just has serious vulnerabilities that allow easy to intercept traffic or open DNS or IP of the user.

However, it is vulnerable VPN are very popular because most of them are free. Obviously, so the developers are trying to attract maximum number of users who are not ready to pay for traffic encryption. However, as a result they not only get the desired protection, but rather are victims of such negligence.

Why you need to use paid VPN

The situation is complicated by the fact that to distinguish dangerous from safe VPN the average user is practically not under force. But the site Top10VPN collected a guaranteed reliable service that will ensure your data is protected.

However, the claim Top10VPN to Apple is not that company missed an insecure VPN in the App Store, and that she is in no hurry to remove them, even after the report, which was provided to her for review before publication. According to the expert Top10VPN Simon Migliano, Apple has ignored all the recommendations, despite the irrefutable evidence of the dangers of certain VPN to users ‘ privacy.