Smart column HomePod on the market for more than a year – however, on any record sales to speak not to have. Some user pushes a high price, while others question the appropriateness of the purchase and usability of the device. Besides, HomePod officially sold in a limited number of countries where Russia, of course, is not included. However, Apple intends to turn the tide by releasing a cheaper version of the HomePod in 2020.

HomePod is the first attempt by Apple in the market of smart-columns

At least, this forecast provides an authoritative edition of Bloomberg, which often demonstrates a surprising awareness of Apple’s plans. But is there any chance for HomePod to conquer the world market of smart speakers?

Share HomePod on the market

Share HomePod in the U.S. market. Statistics for December 2018

In fact, the prospects of the Apple is very vague. According to CIRP, today HomePod is only a 6% market share of smart speakers in the United States. Alas, the smart speaker Apple appeared on the market with a big delay — only in February 2018.

The smart segment of the column had already been filled with solutions from Amazon and Google. Despite the advanced technologies used in HomePod, Apple never managed to attract the attention of more consumers. The device has become popular only among fans and Apple fans.

Why HomePod sold poorly

Perhaps, it’s all about price. Apple offers impressive HomePod for $ 349, which is not a small amount even for people in the US or Europe.

While the best-selling models from Google and Amazon can “boast” cost only 50-60 dollars, which of course is not comparable with the price of smart speakers Apple. Yes, buying decisions of competitors, you will not get the technology of adjusting the volume. But does it need the mass consumer? Judging by market trends, no.

It seems that the only solution which came to Apple is the release of the budget version of the HomePod in 2020. According to Bloomberg, the cost of the configuration would be a reasonable money — $ 150-200. But no compromises anywhere — Apple will equip the cheap version with only two speakers instead of six.