Apple is a very tolerant company. In Cupertino ready not only to employ people of different nationalities and faiths, but even to reshape the management team so that the number of black senior managers and women in it meet someone invented standards. However, when it comes to its devices, Apple is adamant, so the user not only to hack branded gadgets, but also dictating where and how they need to repair them.

Secretly from all the Apple has built into iOS new mechanism that blocks the function of the “battery Status”, if the iPhone battery replacement was not done at authorized service centers. As a result, users will not be able to track the level of wear and tear of such an important component, but also use the feature to improve performance.

Replace battery iPhone cheap

By and large, for Apple there is no difference whether you have used the counterfeit battery or original. It is most important that replacement work was conducted by certified masters, who in the company is only in its service centers. So in Cupertino trying to deal with artisanal repair brand equipment, which, according to Apple representatives, may harm not only the device but also the user.

For the definition of artisanal replacement battery meets the microcontroller that the batteries of all the iPhone is equipped with default. In the service centers of the wizard overwrite the authentication key after you replace the battery with a new one, using specialized equipment. This is provided by regulation replacement. If you neglect this procedure, the phone will think the battery even if it is original, is artisanal because its ID does not match the data written into the motherboard at the factory.

Where to replace iPhone battery

On the one hand, because batteries are perhaps the most hazardous components of smartphones, the lock control function of the wear looks like the most gentle way to convince users to contact authorized service workshop. After all, any damage to the battery may cause leakage and explosion of lithium strength you did not expect it from such a compact parts.

On the other hand, thus, Apple does not allow users to use unauthorized workshops, depriving them of their right of choice and, in fact, establishing a monopoly on the market. As a result of repairing Apple devices can only Apple itself and its mission, gaining the ability to set any price for their services. And sometimes, as practice shows, the expertise of the company is not higherthan the private repairman.