Last week, the first users got access to the new service Apple Card – the credit card is integrated into the Wallet app. However, it produces not the Cupertino-based company and its partner, Goldman Sachs (for this reason the Apple Card in Russia we are unlikely to see). At the same time, Apple is known for its desire to do everything yourself: the company is working on new chips and now it wants the modem to do without intermediaries. A logical question arises: and why not open your own Bank?

Help the Corporation do there. More than $ 200 billion available funds, and new devices diverge like hotcakes. In General, Apple may be able to establish functioning on your own Bank, and do it in his manner: cost minimization and profit maximization.

Why is it necessary? Do existing banks little to give loans to the population, to ensure its debit cards, help to make savings? No, actually a lot,among the representatives of this sphere are scammers, and banks with not irreproachable reputation.

Apple will open a Bank?

The main objective of the Bank Cupertino would be the development of new innovative technologies. For example, you have an incredible web project (startup), which is in need of start-up capital. In this case, of course, come to the aid of the famous venture capital funds and invest in the best ideas. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen, causing the young ambitious startups have a few months to wait for the meeting with the investor.

Here comes to the aid of Apple Bank. Gives you a loan at very low interest rates, on particularly favourable terms. To give money in several ways: or Cupertino take any share in a startup, or will require cash. In any case, it’s not so important: if the idea is actually worthwhile, it will become profitable in the shortest possible time.

Conventional banks are reluctant allocates funds for new technology. It is much better that the buyer get a loan car for a million, and would give to the Bank, figuratively, two and a half million. What kind of investment in IT sector may be when many American financial giants do not have their own mobile app?

I’m not saying that Apple Bank, as the Apple Card, you will be able to get to our country, when the company still can’t teach Siri to HomePod to talk in Russian. But for new industries that will be really very helpful.