Whether A12X in November 2018 faster chips in 92% of the laptops “bought in recent months,” or not does not matter. It was like a truth, and an accurate count market share laptops chips which exceeded A12X in the tests would have required too much effort and time. Even if this statement was a lie, it worked.

On-chip area of 122 mm2 mikroelektroniki Apple has put 10 billion transistors, TDP (the requirement for heat sink) A12X Apple is not officially reported, but experts came to the conclusion that it may not exceed 7 Watts, and the performance of this SoC really was outstanding. The consumer, if you think this should be no case, as 99% of users in 99 cases out of 100 that power is needed as the cow to a stop sign, but knowing that in a slim and lightweight product made of glass, stainless steel and plastic thousands of millions of “horsepower” waiting for the touch-screen to break free – is something.

As always, Apple said only the most General information about the new system-on-chip. It was not intended for sale, its detailed specifications outside of an Apple was useless. Official data – core performance on the CPU compared to the Apple A10X increased by 35%, the performance of all cores in A12X 90% higher than that of the A10X, the performance of the graphics processor is twice, and its comparison with the graphical performance of the original iPad can not inspire respect for Apple: the graphics subsystem A12X exceeds 1000 times. For the first time with the X-chip to a set of processors for different purposes were added to a neural processing unit (NPU), the same as in A12, performing up to 5 trillion 8-bit operations per second. Inspire.

Rich inner world of Apple A12X

In a protective casing with the inscription A12X – Assembly of the memory modules and system-on-chip. This Assembly is a matter of pride TSMC, its design (InFO) – patented, proven in the most adverse conditions. In iPad Pro 2018 years in the Assembly, except SoC are 4 or 6 Gigabytes of RAM LPDDR4X. 6 Gigabytes is used in configurations of the iPad Pro with 1 Terabyte of flash memory. I think you need so much? Share in our Telegram chat.

Assembly of the processor A12X

The CPU A12X – 8-core. Four of them – “power”, with the code name Vortex (tornado), with a clock frequency of 2.49 GHz. Other four cores, the Tempest (storm) energy saving, with a clock frequency of 1.49 GHz. Most likely, they are the same as in the 6-core A12. In A12 and A12X, as in A11, all cores can work simultaneously. In A10 and A10X at any point in time could be the active core of the same type, either “power” or energy saving. Traditionally, the performance of the power cores in system-on-a-chip from Apple is impressive. Now, thanks to the intelligent load Manager, a collaboration between all cores, too bad. He’s a little worse than the best Core i7, but not much.

Block diagram Apple A12X Bionic

Graphics processor 7-core developed by Apple. According to experts, each core of the GPU consists of two clusters. The performance of the GPU – 1 300 GFLOPS, more than the most powerful embedded GPU from Intel. But most importantly for the “Apple” GPU support Metal 2, in the GPU A12X that’s all right. Except the GPU in the graphics involved several processors, and NPU, neural 8-core processor 5 trillion 8-bit operations per second. Code name NPU in A12 and A12X – Quin. SEP (CPU enclave security), which is accessible only within the SoC, stores sensitive data, such as from FaceID.

Compare apples and oranges

Result the results of several tests, which was subjected iPad Pro (A12X inside).

The time to convert 50 RAW files to JPEG files using Adobe Lightroom

The time required for recoding 12-minute 4K video in Adobe Rush

It is believed that testing on a real task more objective. Here to evaluate the performance of processors by themselves they are no good: the result largely depends on a variety of factors (design features of the device, its configuration, etc.) Tests like Geekbench reveal the capabilities of the existing processors.

Geekbench Tests