They say that Steve jobs never invented, not designed, not created, and in no way participated personally. He was the Manager, not the fact that good – nothing more. That’s not true, but we’ll talk about that some other time. Today we have an excellent opportunity to talk about what was invented and created it personally, and that no one but him could do.

12 September 2017 in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park held a traditional event of the Apple in the era of the iPod called music, whose main purpose (as always before) was the presentation of new products (usually iPhone) on the eve of the quarter. And this time they have something to surprise and amaze the audience, they were ready to tell a couple of other recipes for “the perfect gift”. Their interest in us disinterested, but they do not hide.

This day was presented the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K (last desperate attempt to achieve success in this area), iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. In 2017, the iPhone was ten years old. The retail Apple stores (there were already nearly 400 in the world) called another development Apple – and presented the update, highlighting typically “Apple” features of these shops: they are works of art, they are concise, convenient, easy to use and their task is not limited to the sale of “Apple” stuff and raising the incomes of the company.

By the way, Apple’s retail stores was invented by Steve jobs. He was involved in their creation, nervous and emotional but each of them, even those that opened a year or two ago, a piece of his soul. He made them not single, engaged team, but this team and was involved in an “idiotic” idea with some special retail stores it. Michael Dell, on a more successful entrepreneur convinced Steve not to go crazy and think again. Two or three of the store would have ruined Dell, and Apple would be enough and one.

And the Apple that almost took off almost vertically from the ground surface in 1997, becoming the richest IT company in the world today – also invented, created just Steve. About Apple Park, new Apple campus in the shape of a ship from another galaxy landed in a man-made (previously, there was a vacant lot built-up dull offices) dense forest we will talk separately, another time. Glass building, with glass walls overlooking the greenery of Central California came up with Steve, and put a lot of effort to bring this idea into reality.

Self-confident, not without reason

To summarize the event, I will not. I will only mention his cocky attitude is somewhat inappropriate in the ongoing first year of the crisis in the industries in which Apple earned a living – but they have that right. Again, they all do not like, again taken out to the market expensive and pretty unrealistic tablets and computers, but they have all mysteriously began to happen.

From October 2016 to June 2017 Apple is continuously growing. Since March, 2017 sales of the iPad (the tablet sector of the industry, which was believed to be deceased) also grew. Results for the quarter July to September 2017 have not yet been counted, the period is still ongoing, but the company already knew that things are going well, sales are growing, including on tablet front.

This self-confidence has played with them bad joke – some of their decision announced on 12 September had not been fully thought out (if it is, to put it mildly), but still seemed like good ideas. Man is capable of almost unmistakably to feel the success or otherwise of decisions made long before they become real products, they have now was not.

About time and clocks

Apple Watch Series 3 is a revolutionary change in the wearable platform. Version Cellular and “GPS only”. What is not said: the sales volumes of these “Apple” of toys was high enough to cause extreme jealousy and hatred of the “colleagues”, but Apple from this area expected more. Revenues from smart watches in the quarterly reports was so small that it was reported in the category “Other” along with Apple TV, accessories and software products of the company. And this whole section was the last one among all the others in size bring her income.

In the Apple Watch have invested huge money and effort, far greater than that invested in its products, the competitors, and achieved the results the company was not satisfied. And here is an attempt to start from scratch again. The list of disadvantages of all series of the Apple Watch has stated their price, and dependence on Apple ecosystem. And if for the price you can accept quality, brand, design and all that, then about the second lack, alas, nothing good can come up with is impossible.

iPod, the “grandfather” of the Apple Watch, get rid of this bad habit in the fourth year of his life. Unknown to what was expected by Steve from 2001-2004, and is barely positive circle “by Purchasing a Mac buy iPod to buy iPod Mac eventually buy more of those, and others,” Steve was too smart for that. Cook has more reason to believe that it might work – but alas.

Video of Steve Jobs Theater, 12 Sep 2017


  • Apple Watch Series 3: 00:17:33;
  • Apple TV 4K: 00:39:24;
  • iPhone 8 and Plus 8: 00:52:55;
  • iPhone X: 01:15:55.

Pleasant viewing!