Fortnite, the game became a cult classic almost immediately after the release. Dynamic plot, the abundance of characters with plenty of possible directions of development and a true PvP mode, which allows you to simultaneously fight a hundred of these same thugs did their job. However, in the last update that the PvP mode called “battle Royale” for some unknown reason has failed and in any did not want to load for some users. Fortunately, this problem has a solution. Tell what to do.

If you encounter an error when loading the “battle Royal” after upgrading to version Fortnite 9.40.1, the only solution to fix the problem would be complete removal of the game from your iPhone or iPad and then reinstall it. This is the official position of the developer Studio Epic Games. According to them, difficulties with the download of the stems from damage to a certain component of the game, which is responsible for its work and which has been damaged as a result of installing the latest updates.

Fortnite is not working

“After investigation we came to the conclusion that iOS users are experiencing a problem [when you download the “battle Royal”], you should delete the app and reinstall it to eliminate errors,” — noted in Epic Games.

The solution proposed by Epic Games, looks extremely uncomfortable for the user. Instead of just releasing an unscheduled patch with the fix, the developers are forcing users to do something that could have been avoided.

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The fact that the game itself weighs 145 MB, but after installation the user needs to download a few extra gigabytes of data, for those who have tariffs with a fixed amount of traffic can be a serious problem.

Cult Fortnite has transformed it from just a game into a true eSports discipline. This week, in particular, will be the final tournament Fortnite, where the prize Fund will reach a record $ 30 million, and the cost of seats in the hall reaches 14 thousand dollars.