With access iPadOS, tablets, Apple will be one step closer to full-fledged computers. The company has really done a solid job on the operating system, removing a large number of limitations in earlier versions of iOS. One of the major innovations iPadOS – the ability to connect peripheral devices. And the list of supported devices is not limited to hard disks or other storage devices.

Let’s see what else can be connected to the tablet running iPadOS


To connect multiple devices, you can use off the shelf adapters (e.g. MacBook). Everything works fine even when connecting two or three data carriers, mouse and other devices.


iPadOS works great with scanners of all manufacturers. All files stored on the memory card, the perfect visible on the tablet.


Unfortunately, the old laser printer not defined iPadOS. Therefore, to print documents will have to resort to a wireless analog (fortunately, these already exist) or to connect the printer to the computer.

Amazon Kindle e-book

Surprisingly, the “reader” from a reputable manufacturer when connecting to iPadOS also earned. In the file Manager there is a new mounted disk on which, if desired, you can now throw a couple of new e-books.

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DVD/CD drive

When connected to the tablet, the drive starts to work, but the disc count is not possible: in the app “Files” does not appear to be new sections. Most likely, this is due to lack of certain drivers.

Music equipment

The device for writing music (especially MIDI keyboard) and had performed admirably with the iPad. But for the sake of interest decided to check out the Elektron Octatrack, Teenage Engineering OP-1 samplers and drum machines. The device was determined iPadOS. For mounted partitions you can upload new samples and blanks. Previously, such an operation impossible to pull off on the iPad.

Recorder Roland R-07

And again, no problems. The connected recorder is perfectly visible in the system. All saved recordings, if you want, you can copy to the tablet.

These devices can be connected to any iPad iPadOS on Board. For older versions have to use a special adapter Camera Connection Kit. In the case of the iPad Pro with the Type-C it’s much easier — peripheral devices can be connected directly.