It is no secret that the use of keyboard shortcuts greatly improves efficiency and speed when working with applications. Operating system macOS has a huge number of different keyboard combinations, but most of them used by users rarely. Fills a gap in the knowledge: today we tell you about useful shortcuts that will simplify working with Windows and active applications.

System shortcuts

Command + `(tilde) — Navigate between Windows of the active application

Many users have heard of the famous keyboard shortcuts Command + Tab. This shortcut allows you to quickly switch between apps. But that’s not all — the switch can be in a single application, for example, between active Windows or tabs. To do this, use the above combination and you will be able to interact directly with multiple copies of the same program.

Command + M — Minimize the current window.

To minimize the application does not need to drag the cursor in the upper left corner. It is sufficient to use a simple keyboard shortcut.

Command + Option + H — Hide other applications

There are many applications, but you want to focus on only one window? macOS allows you to easily to do it. Using the above key combination, you can hide all program Windows except the active application.

Command + W — Close the current window or tab

Not the most popular, but quite useful keyboard shortcut. Using hotkeys, you can quickly close a copy of the application or the active tab in the browser.

Command + Option + W — Close all Windows and tabs of the application

This keyboard shortcut does not complete the application and only closes all existing tabs and the background of the active window. Quickly and most importantly efficiently.

Custom combination — Maximize the current window

Go to full screen mode easy — just click on the green icon in the upper left corner. But this procedure can still be accelerated — setting your own key combination for this action.

  • Open “System preferences”;
  • Select “Keyboard”;
  • Go to the tab “shortcuts”;
  • It remains to choose “shortcuts for programs” and click the “+”
  • In the field “menu Name” enter “Increase”, and under “shortcut” any keyboard combination. It is important that the specified combination has not been previously used.
  • You’re done! If done correctly, the app will enter fullscreen mode for a given combination of keys.

Work with the Safari browser

  • Command + T — New tab
  • Command + Shift + right arrow — go to next tab;
  • Command + Shift + left arrow to return to the previous tab;
  • Command + L and Command + Enter — Duplicate the tab.
  • Command + 1…9 — move to the tab;
  • Command + Z — Open last closed tab;
  • Command + N — New window;
  • Command + H — Hide all Windows;
  • Command + Shift + W — Close active window with all tabs;