Surveillance on the Internet is inevitable, and often even useful. Due to the fact that advertisers track our online activity, we can see advertising of those goods and services that are of interest to us. And because companies like Apple and Google to listen to our conversations, Siri and Google Assistant learn and avoid mistakes. However, surveillance, like tumor not always benign, and therefore to guard against some types of still need.

The application team ConfirmedVPN presented his new solution to protect from surveillance – Lockdown. This is the first firewall for iOS open source. He is able not only to prevent the seizure of the user data, which are often third-party applications, but also to prevent the hidden mining on iPhone & iPad, by protecting the filling from premature wear.

How to protect from spy on iOS

According to the creators, Lockdown operates exclusively on the user’s device. Thus, all data the sending of which it blocks are not transmitted to the server developers. And since the firewall is completely open source, which can be read by anyone, you can be sure that Lockdown has a double bottom and not spying on users.

What can Lockdown

  • Block the connection to any web service
  • Restricts the job of the trackers on websites
  • Increases speed of loading web pages to block unwanted scripts and connections.

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By default, Lockdown already built a few web services that are subject to blocking. Among them, the advertising service of Facebook, Google and other companies well known fact that collect user data, forming a virtual snapshot, which is then sold to advertisers. However, in this case, it is likely that the ads you will see online will be less relevant.