In the era of globalization it is very difficult to create a unique product without looking at competitors. This does not allow even the first tier Corporation with enormous human and material resources. Even Apple products somehow resembles someone else’s, not to mention other more minor brands, for which to borrow someone’s ideas is something quite normal and ordinary. But if one carefully hide it, others did not hesitate to talk about these things openly.

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Founder and CEO of Huawei Ren Jenifa said in an interview with CNBC that he is inspired by Apple not only to create products, but to ensure user safety. According to him, Huawei carefully protects the data of its customers and would never have gone on their sale to third parties, regardless of their status. Even if the Chinese government asked the company to provide client data Huawei would refuse, said the entrepreneur.

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“We will never go on it [disclosure]. If I allowed myself to do this once, the US will be conclusive evidence that they’d share with the world. As a result, we lose most of our customers in more than 170 countries, which would mean the collapse of our company. Our staff is extremely educated and competent people, who will leave to start their own business, if something like this happens. Then I’m probably just going to die,” said Janha.

Huawei’s official position is that user data belongs to users, said the founder of Huawei. In his opinion, the duty of tracking the illegal activities of people lies on the operators who can use their equipment to record, preview, and transmit the conversation of a person to law enforcement. However, to do the same to the electronics manufacturer – it is absolutely inadmissible, said Janha.

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