Despite the apparent simplicity of the interface, Finder, file Manager has a lot of hidden features. With the help of simple actions it is possible to make the guide much more productive. It is possible to quite accurately configure the settings for Finder for including a toolbar, docked folders, files and applications.

Customize the toolbar

Even experienced Mac users may not be aware that the top panel Finder you can fine-tune for themselves.

You can change not only the icons, using the key Command, but add a new one by right clicking on a free space at the top. Given a choice of a huge number of new options and actions. If necessary, you can enable the option to display the names of all parameters.

To remove the extra items is as easy as application with Dock-panel: you need to get the item off the Finder and to let him go. It’s pretty simple and intuitive.


Fixed folder and app

In the favorites bar you can add new objects and not only folders, but also files and applications. To do this, select the required item and use Command + Ctrl + T.

To remove objects, move them to another location or use the context menu command “Remove from sidebar”.

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Full screen preview

Many people know that using the space bar can be previewed file. But Finder also has a function of full-screen preview. Use the option very simple — hold down the spacebar and Option. This mode can be useful when working with video or photos.

If you select multiple files, you can quickly browse through them using the arrows “left” and “right”.