About this chip know much, and almost nothing. About what he should do, and about what this means, know a lot. Where will this lead in the end, the forecasts range from “everything will be fine” to “it’s suicide”. Where is this path paved with good intentions? The most unusual in the world of iOS device debuted in 2016, in TouchBar’e for MacBook Pro, caused a strong reaction. Sooner or later something similar could not happen. The unique ability of iOS devices in terms of safety has aroused the envy of those who designed the Mac I. Is the world of information welfare and universal love, dreamed the creators of the world wide web has turned out what happened.

Primeval forest, full of malicious organisms that are hungry to have our secrets and money. Tracking almost our every step, piercing our thoughts. The experience of confronting all that Apple has. In 2008, the company was able to access the operating system of the iPhone to outsiders without compromising any of its ideals.

Open, but controlled from the beginning to the end of the world “not for everyone”. App Store, iPhone Developer Program, censorship, bans, and a unique, unprecedented opportunity. Reaction to invented the Apple “outdoor controlled world” was also not the most enthusiastic. Especially when hundreds of thousands of intelligent people first tasted the world taste. Howling, moaning, gnashing of teeth, curses, promises to “leave forever”.

Smart people already predicted that something similar will inevitably happen to the Mac AMI, on the order of magnitude of orders of magnitude more unpredictable than the iPhone or iPad. Apple will take them under full control, will ensure their protection from digital evil and will sow the whirlwind. If this time everything goes as planned, after a couple years they will imitate everything, wondering how it was possible to live without all this, every second risking to lose all.

And here – the ice is broken. Apple T1, Touch Bar and Touch ID were the forerunners of the radical and not too comfortable for change. iOS device, obsessed with delusions of control, showed his temper at the end of 2017. Hyperspace the second iPhone was called the Apple T2.

A bridge over turbulent waters

Apple T2 (he’s in his first incarnation – iBridge2,1, he APL1027, he J137AP, he 339S00467) took on so many tasks that it was like schizophrenia.

There is a version that iBridge is not itself an iOS device, but only USB bridge between it and the macOS. Something like the touch interface for higher forms of organisms. I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

In 2017, the system-on-chip Apple T2 was controlled by the operating system bridgeOS 2.0, the latest its version number which I came across bridgeOS 2.4.1. On the system are active, surprisingly eliminating from it “horror”, which, according to critics, was the main purpose of introducing this iOS device in the Mac I.

The system-on-chip are:

— JAN (Security Enclave Processor, the processor managing a secret enclave), which holds the data which, outside of the system-on-chip, there is no access. Encryption keys and some other;
— Associated with SEP the system management controller (SMC) that controls the download of macOS, controlling its integrity and authenticity, allowing you to lock the system and performing other specific operations;
— ISP (Image Signal Processor the image processor) for camera FaceTime HD, the quality of the images received from this camera and in fact it was noticeably better than without it;
— Something to control the audio system, a separate unit or program in the CPU secret iOS device. How it works is unknown, but artifacts that are born in it resound in the whole world;
Block ciphering and deciphering all that is written on the SSD and read from it, without compromising the performance of the drive, keys known only to the SEP outside Apple T2 access to them is not;
Control unit EFI and EFI itself is not;
— 64-bit CPU ARMv8 architecture, 512 Megabytes of RAM, and a lot of dangerous stuff.

A few months before the presentation of the iMac Pro, the first ever computer which this aggressive microorganism in the media appeared information that Apple is working on a project T310, a modification of the Apple A10 – ARM-processor for Macs. And away we go.

It has been suggested that the CPU Atelier Apple finally decided to undertake the development of processors for portable and desktop Macs. Technology 10 and even 7 nm, in collaboration with TSMC, processors if I had called Apple Zx. In fact, it was even more interesting. On the chip we will talk another time.

Data encryption on the SSD and launch control system

Other services electronic security is also interesting, and cause trouble, but his areas of activity on which I want to tell inspire the greatest terror. And not only users: Apple has published at least two documents to clarify its intent, and indirectly to refute the apocalyptic expectations. Terrible outcome (threatening the very existence of Macs) they don’t want even more than we do. Encouraging?

Mandatory encryption of SSDS unique and unknown key leads to the fact that nobody in the world will not be able to read the stored data in it. A burglar, a thief, a member of the intelligence the user – if the computer fails, no one.

AES Crypto Engine (AES engine-encryption) creates his dark, always, irrespective of whether the computer FileVault “on the fly” – without diverting CPU and quickly, without compromising the parameters of the SSD. The protection system is effective, a little too much. Treatment? If you don’t have habits punctual, preferably automatically, keep archival copies of your work drives, it’s time to acquire that habit. This is the only way not to lose data.

Safe start

That is, some “intelligent being” hidden in the bowels of the computer from any evils of the surrounding world (virus, Trojan, hacking, unauthorized installation of p/o, the installation of unauthorized versions of the OS, the destruction of anything) clearly and meticulously “check documents” all involved in the process of starting items, and if any misunderstanding made an arrest. The download process stops.

While Apple T2 is not available in any Macs operated in the world, but sooner or later for computers without such a chip to install recent versions of macOS will be impossible. Out-of-date version of Windows also will not install. Will be relevant.

Linux and other UNIX s s in more danger. Mac, still with Intel inside, will be something painfully similar to the iOS device. Or iOS device, because the control and the veto power it had. I’ve been learning over the compatibility of UNIX s in Apple work.

Restrictions will be more, no doubt. But at Apple that I would not write about it in the media, trying to take the life of Macs under strict control not to restrict the freedom of users. Incidents in transition (sometimes monstrous) – costs.

Complex macOS+bridgeOS tweaked and strives for harmony. A world where stealing data is impossible the viruses, the computer system is constantly under control and most unexpected surprises is simply impossible. Paradise?

Apple T2 made its debut in 2017, one hundred years after 1917, and 150 years after the invention of barbed wire. It was invented in order that the sheep not scattered (pasture is huge, watch out for sheep heavy and inefficient).

Something like a verdict

Even Apple have no idea how the Saga to iOS devices in the depths of the Macs, taking in their hands the control and management. The spectacular power that is focused on solving practical problems, in parallel with the CPU.

Powerful, permanently active diagnostic system – if it is done right, this idea really makes sense. Costs are unavoidable, but this could be something big, unusual and extremely attractive. If they can handle it. In 2008, I could. And these days you can?