Surprises – it was not. All that was presented at the conference with the motto “I will See you on the 7th!” was foretold, with remarkable accuracy. Of the predictions came true, not everything, but if it was a hit when Steve, the loyalty group has searched for new work in full force. But bold and unexpected refusal of analog audio output in the iPhone is not the first month was discussed (and condemned!) in the network – but Apple has taken this step.

Let’s start with the motto. Maybe I don’t understand something, and this is the highest achievement of verbal gymnastics, as in the phrase “See you on the 7th!”, for her deliberately banal simplicity, layers a non-trivial meanings. But I did not see them. But that’s just a sidenote.

But at the concert hall named after bill Graham showed us the whole concert. Games, music, performers of both sexes and all skin colors. At times breathtaking, it is clearly put professional Teatral. I do not whether Scott Forstall, though far from the “Apple” cases turned-producers of the successful Broadway show, had a hand in this?

To show to the public indisputable evidence of the prosperity of Apple and the correctness of the chosen company the way they could not at this time. The richest IT company in the world still earn the most, but its revenues decreased. Like everyone else, but for Apple that’s no excuse.

But with services (Apple Music and App Store) it was different. Growth, records, and positive reviews. Even wanted to connect the title and the Apple Music Event. But the services and their success was not a star almost two-hour show.

The purpose of the traditional September show was as old as the world: sales in the upcoming holiday quarter. Happened? Do not rush, read about it below.


To show no complaints. With guests did a good job, they looked organically, even those who didn’t speak English. The owners have worked on five with a minus. Not all, but let’s not quibble.

The main presentations of the event was a smart watch second generation and the iPhone 7/7+, both of them were unusually chaotic and not without anomalies. As if, after long rehearsals and careful study of the texts the harsh reality forced him to change, almost in an hour prior to the performance.

Most of the anomalies I noticed in the presentation, Apple Watch Series 1 and 2. Watch first generation, and later informally to completely not get confused, began to call the Apple Watch 0 Series. Their Apple called Apple Watch. The second generation is the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2.

This was reported, but indistinctly. Similar anomalies can detect planets of others for us stars. What information can we get out of our anomalies? Below, and immediately warn that this is only a hypothesis.

In the presentation of the iPhone 7/7+ anomalous phenomena was less. Phil was fond of, and it seemed to me, at times improvised. Maybe he’s just not ready? The most important presentations of the event, before the start of the festive season? Played Pokemon Go, run, tested camera new phones?

I have a lot of assumptions, ranging from absolutely silly to absolutely stupid – leave them to themselves.

Chip and Dale

Those who haven’t seen anything new, have the right to their own opinion. But new was a car and small truck. Division of microelectronics, the most mysterious and the most secretive of those whose existence is generally known, broke up in earnest.

The audience, without disclosing details, has presented a constellation of new and very interesting chips. Apple Fusion A10 with four cores of two types, 2×2. Apple Apple S1P and S2 – which are not even chips, and SiP (system-in-package), the processor for signal processing (ISP) subsystem photo and video shooting, and the mysterious Apple of W1. Chip wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth) with elements of artificial intelligence.

In Apple’s A10 Fusion for the first time, used a significantly modified Apple graphics 6-core processor. It was one more news. They took and GPU!

And the processor inside Apple’s A10 Fusion was probably the strangest in the world. Formally a 4-core (though four, you could count them), but at any one time employ only two cores of them – “power” or “economy”, according to his needs.

With all these miracles, we will understand more, not today. While we note an important point: in 2016, and these days, Apple is accepted to accuse of failing to invent something new, intellectual stagnation, is that the company hasn’t rolled out to the market something shockingly new that turns the world.

But it is impossible to say what something is not. It is always possible to answer “bad looking”. If we compare the circuitry of the first iPhone and iPad with the current, we find so much new and unexpected that takes your breath away. And all this is created in the Apple.

Watch, a year and a half later

To come up with something new, the Apple style is a very long, difficult, even impossible.

A myriad of ideas and plans trying – and often rejected. Sometimes to what has been rejected is returned (“what if a little differently.”). Sometimes long and unsuccessfully stormed the obstacle, looking for workarounds. Often a very good solution, eliminates many problems at once, after some time turns out to be vicious and dangerous.

I would be happy to talk about this process on a real example, but detailed information about how to create all of the Apple products, from late 1997 to the present day is classified. Most Apple all the moves are recorded in detail and with illustrations. The history of discoveries, successes and failures actively in use. How the search giant files, the size (Terabytes or have Pentabyte) how it looks, alas. Not seen.

In an interview, Jonathan Ive spoke about the reason for his hatred of the imitators: every Apple device is developed by a long and painful, the method has been trial and error but the final result, which takes into account the myriad aspects and subtleties, it is easy to copy (with qualifications) and to recreate. And even “improve” it, not bothered by the consequences of the changes.

In 2014, the Apple Watch, the result of years of intense commitment to ideals, was the best wearable device in the world. At the beginning of 2015 started their sale. They were the best, in addition, competitors have developed an unconditional reflex: what would Apple put on the market, you have to grab, open, examine and copy.

18 months after the start of sales of “just” Apple Watch, their role models have become a new market segment, one of the living against the background of General stagnation. Judging by the specs of the creations of the competitors superior to the head sample. The backlog of the Apple Watch Series 1 (this is the second generation of hours) from the competitors was unacceptable – and here, Apple Watch Series 2.


Video duration – 01:59:15

Pleasant viewing.

Whether the goal is achieved?

The goal, as we said above – in spite of the situation on the market to prove to everyone and ourselves that Apple is the best. And earn in the holiday quarter of 2016, more than in the same quarter of 2015.

The company’s income increased. 3%. 78,351 billion dollars. In 2015 75,872. Record holiday quarter in Apple’s history, and indeed in the history of Apple.

In the holiday quarter of 2016, Apple has sold:

— iPhone: 78,290 million units (5% more than in the holiday quarter of 2015), to capitalize on this 54,378 billion (5% more than in 2015);
— iPad: 13,081 million units, 19% less than in 2015, earning it 5,533 billion, which is 22% less than in 2015;
— Mac: 5,341 million units, a rise of 1%, earning 7,244 billion, 7% more than in 2015.

Services in the holiday quarter of 2016, the company earned 7,172 billion, 18% more than in 2015.

On other things (Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPod and accessories) – 4,024 billion, 8% less than in the previous year. Together, they brought Apple less than even Mac.

Did the conference “will See you on the 7th!” some influence on this result, and what is unknown. But Apple has happened.

To be continued