One can endlessly look at three things: how jony Ive broadcasts from the white room, talking about the new Apple devices (Oh, it will not be), as Tim cook says “Amazing” and how is the next beta version of iOS on the iPhone 13. Yes, this week Apple released a new beta, albeit a day later than planned, but this is not the main infopovod,it is a consequence of one of them.

Passwords in iOS 13 under threat

What happened, why the developers from Cupertino have taken more time to release the beta? Recently, in iOS 13 was discovered a serious vulnerability: it allows anyone to access passwords from the web sites and apps in the iPhone settings. In addition, this same trick works if view is saved using the AutoFill credit card. It was enough to repeatedly press the button “Saved credit card”, thereby avoiding pop-up “Face ID” or “Touch ID”. After several attempts iOS 13 showed all Bank cards stored on the iPhone, even if you have never been authenticated on the device using Face ID or Touch ID.

Of course, in order to access this menu, someone will first have to unlock your device using Face ID, Touch ID or your password. So this vulnerability would work only if you have provided access to unlocked the iPhone. However, the presence of such serious security issues (when Apple actively sinks for privacy and all that) a bit annoying.

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Yes, installing beta version of iOS, you have to realize some level of risk, and this vulnerability is a good example of this risk. However, it is not surprising that such a large security hole present in public beta iOS 13 which Apple released to all users.

Write To Tim Cook

Another scandal security is not associated with user data, and information on the employees of the Apple. This week has been the leak of personal data of employees, which contained in addition to name a lot of such information, the disclosure of which is strictly undesirable. As such information became public?


In the network appeared the document entitled “Employees of Apple” and containing the data of about two thousand employees. The merged database contains information of very different kinds from name and surname, office and personal e-mail before the actual date of employment, as well as a time zone in which they work. Some of the records dated February 2019.

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If the published database is true, this leak could mean for Apple a serious blow. How is it that a company that makes every effort to protect their customers, so careless about the safety of their employees?

The fact is that usually these companies are not too concerned about the safety of subordinates, which, as practice shows, not too appreciated. It is therefore possible that some Manager of these companies are suppliers of labor are not “a-a password” database with employee names, and then someone just found it through Google, as it has, in fact, happened before. Well, Apple for its part remains only to carefully prioritize when choosing their partners.

All new — well forgotten old

There were times when users were hoping that the glowing Apple logo rear panel of the MacBook will move to the iPhone, making it even more recognizable. But the company seems to have decided to look the other way, Apple is considering the return to the use of the rainbow logothat the company used in the 80-ies of the last century. Despite the lack of data on the product that will receive multi-colored Apple will be very symbolic if it will appear on the hulls of Macs, which Apple began its history as an electronics manufacturer.

In fact, the combination of colors of the rainbow somehow present in the life of a modern Apple. The company continues to sell Souvenirs with this symbolism, to draw in her style halls for their events and even gradually trying to enter the rainbow in your lineup. According to jony Ive, the rainbow is not only a symbol of positivity and joy, but also a symbol of the identity of the Apple, which the company carried through many many years.

But, of course, there are those who for some reason “insult” like this logo because of the special associations.