Desktop operating system macOS Mojave has introduced many useful innovations. Among them – dynamic Wallpaper on your desktop, which are replaced depending on the time of day. Look these screen savers are really spectacular and impressive. However, there is one – but Apple offers only two screen savers. For our readers we found a few more dynamic shots.

All the Wallpaper was found on the Internet. However, as they are absolutely not inferior to original dynamic Wallpapers of the Mojave desert.

Note that the interactive images presented in the highest available resolution (5K). Frames are selected in such a way as to clearly show the change of day and night.

The Volcano Is Surrounded By A

Art sketch — the Mojave desert

Art sketch — city

Art sketch nature

Download for maximum quality

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How to install a new interactive Wallpaper?

Unfortunately, Apple did not provide the official way, which would allow to easily add new dynamic Wallpapers. But the way out of this situation is, and it is quite simple.

  • The first thing you need to download any background;
  • Run file Manager Finder and select the option “Navigate -> go to folder…” or hold down the Shift + Command + G;
  • In the input line insert the following address: /Library/Desktop Pictures;
  • We confirm our selection of a Go button;
  • Folder opens. Copy there the file you downloaded. You will need to enter the administrator password.
  • After that, go to “System settings” -> “desktop and screensaver” and select new dynamic background. Important note — all third-party screen savers will be displayed in the form of the desert;
  • You’re done!