The news about the care of jony Ive from Apple was clearly welcomed by most fans and investors of the company. As a result, shares of Apple have even lost a few percent of its former value, and some analysts have predicted her stagnation. However, according to journalist John Gruber, this is good news, because the company’s products began to hope for the eradication of the shortcomings that appeared in her by the will of the Quince.

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The position of Gruber is that the responsibility for problems in the keyboard, “butterfly”, which is equipped with the all new Apple laptops carries Ive. It’s all in the desire of the chief designer of the company to reduce the thickness of the manufactured devices. This idea formed the basis of the 12 MacBook and then MacBook Pro, which for the sake of a tenth of a millimetre has equipped the keyboard with a new mechanism. It reduced the key travel, but it brought a lot of problems to their owners.

Sticks keyboard MacBook

“I don’t know all the details [of development], but it seems logical that fiasco keyboard “butterfly” is a direct result of the obsession with jony Ive’s subtlety and minimalism — wrote Gruber. – As a result of the new MacBook have become the worst versions of their predecessors, in terms of opportunities, but certainly more beautiful.”

Gruber cautious when he talks about the guilt of the Quince in the problems of “butterflies”. However, the journalist understands that the project of the new generation of MacBook was implemented without the approval of the chief designer, who at the time also took an active part in the development of all Apple products. And since Ive, and Steve jobs really was obsessed with ideas of minimalism, the probability that the idea is to reduce the key travel for the sake of reducing the thickness of the shell of the MacBook belonged to him, is quite high.

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But it was enough Quince to retire, in Cupertino immediately decided to abandon the “butterflies” in favor of the proven “scissors.” Even if their use will lead to an increase in the thickness of the shell of the laptop, the “scissors” are much less likely to be damaged in the process of operation, and therefore, reduce the number of applications for repair.