It was presented simultaneously with the iPhone SE, with which it has conceptually much in common. So much that I wanted to talk about the trend: in difficult times you always want to return to where it was nice and cozy, without any of today’s problems. But Tim cook and Phil Schiller, introducing the reduced to classic for iPad size version of the iPad Pro was aggressive and offensive. They, however, remembered that from 2010 to 2015, Apple has sold 200 million iPad in this form factor, but jobs said in April 2010, when the world was not yet any real tablet is clearly clouded his mind.

They are many times called this a masterpiece of metal and glass “to the final PC replacement” that if there is a need in snide nickname for this device, it would not have to invent: the Ultimate Replacement. Final replacement.

It was declared equal in power to the elder brother, though smaller. iPhone SE have proved that this is possible. But in the case of iPad Pro has a 9.7” it’s not true. It was the same system-on-chip as in the larger iPad, Apple A9X. Only, to reduce power consumption, the clock frequency of the processor in system-on-chip installed in the iPad Pro has a 9.7” reduced by 0.1 GHz. Performance (power) could not be reduced. Two different processors in different systems-on-chip could the world is difficult, but not in this case.

In addition, a small iPad Pro RAM size was smaller, and it is also not affected. 2 GB instead of 4.

Another cheat was right in the name of the device. It was a great tablet, but in any case there was no “Pro”. Words from a frequent and inappropriate use of wear away like old coins and lose meaning.

Disadvantages – renewable resource

iPad Pro with a diagonal of 12.9 to replace the laptop could not. And the main reason for this was the almost obvious: the disadvantages of a tablet was a natural continuation of their merits. In iPad, this reason was iOS. Between an ordinary person from the street and those who use these devices to create something that hasn’t happened, there is an important distinction.

Smart device always have to make some decisions. Which of the solutions best for consumer devices, you can guess and calculate. We all, from time to time turn into consumers. “Including the computer I turn on the brain. Including a TV I had turned off” once said (in the early 80’s!) Steve Jobs. Here is the formula.

Tablets 2015-16 – a very advanced, intelligent and sociable mobile consumer devices, using which it is best to turn off the brain and trust in their will. Smart TV on batteries. But to get it to do exactly what you need to do is go to manual control in some particularly important areas of its activities, we can’t. Those of us in our professional roles, very different requirements.

In the most important and critical for the implementation of the new “Apple” of the dream – to turn the tablet into a wholly adequate instrument for the job – a 9.7 iPad Pro was no different from his older brother (have you had this? Write in our Telegram chat).

To confirm the obvious, Apple conducted experiments. On people. Cruel. And unfortunately, the obvious was confirmed. Who would have thought?


Meanwhile, despite the dead calm engulfed the flatbed segment of the industry, somewhere in the vast expanse of this segment was raging life: sales grew were the demand and the shortcomings to be overcome. No one found in this living area solutions, which you could say “here is what you need!”.

This living area – a tablet with attachable keyboard. Create, invent, try.

They would be, in addition to the touch screen, and the mouse (or trackpad), the operating system level of OS X, the ability to connect external drives – but all this must be conceived and optimized for them, especially for smart professional tablets.

iPad Pro 9,7” – the best iPad Air

Display, the like of which has never used in tablets: bright, with great colour reproduction, with all the tricky technical distortions (as in iMac or iPad Pro 12.9), and even DCI-P3 (this is the “big brother” was not). A quarter more space flowers. Smart algorithms update the display.


The most effective anti-reflective coating, adapting the color gamut of a display to the features of lighting (True Tone) is one of the functions to which you quickly become accustomed and then, in other devices, is not enough. A sheet of paper reflects light differently, electronic devices (up to True Tone) did not pay attention to such nonsense and didn’t react to the world around us, as befits a soulless electronics.

True Tone:

The best camera ever used in iOS devices, with the world’s best algorithms, through which any “never a professional photographer or cameraman” could do something that until recently was available only to professionals from professionals. The only difference being that the device itself made the decisions, usually the ones.

The rear-facing camera with a resolution of 12 MP, front – 5 MP. As for the iPhone 6s. Why is the tablet? People filming something on the full-size tablet looks strange and uncomfortable it is – but to use this feature no one is forcing anyone, but sometime it can be very helpful.

The most fashionable accessory of the season: an attachable keyboard.

Full-sized keys, waterproof coating, beyond simple connection, at a reduced size. With no moving parts. The movement, as it turned out – death. Everything that moves and comes into contact with other parts of the construction wears out and breaks.

Reviews about the keyboard was different, ranging from “best-in-the-world-as-we-lived-to-her” to “more-stuff-in-a-lifetime have not seen”, with all intermediate options. But alas, it was not the right keyboard for tablets that would determine their future.


Model number 10-inch iPad Pro (9,7 still closer to 10 than to 9) consisted of two models – “WiFi only” ID iPad6,3 and “WiFi/Cellular” – iPad6,4. Each model was offered in three variants, differing in the amount of flash memory (32, 128 and 256 GB) and price. And in the three traditional Apple the middle of the second decade of our century the colors.


As the size of the iPad Air 2. Weighed the model “Wi-Fi” 437 grams, model “WiFi/Cellular” 444.

Family portrait:

Prices start from $ 599. Google Pixel C with a screen the same size and with the same 32 Gigabytes of flash memory cost 499, but the iPad Pro it is even embarrassing to compare.

The Surface Pro 4, laptop trying to pretend to be a tablet, in a more serious configuration cost of $ 899. So what about shameless new prices is not necessary – a small iPad Pro was worth exactly as much more expensive competitors, and how much better than them. If you have a different opinion – I will not argue. Have a different opinion – your right as mine.

Other prices iPad Pro has a 9.7” can be easily calculated. Each following volume of flash memory cost the buyer an additional $ 150. That is, 32 GB $ 599, 128 GB – 749, 256 GB 899.

For “Cellular” in the model designation Apple took traditional $ 130: 32GB – 729 dollars, 128GB – 879, 256 GB 1029.

System-on-chip Apple A9X. The first tablet version of SoC was used a second time. Only in the smaller case the processor frequency to the Twister had to be reduced from 2.26 to 2.16 GHz. The amount of RAM (LPDDR4), compared with the iPad Pro 12.9, reduced from 4 to 2 Gigabytes. Due to these reasons. Not out of spite.

Set of accessories has been expanded. To stylus Apple Pencil and keyboard (reduced, made “to order”) added Lightning SD Card Reader and USB Card Reader. Computers usually have a lot of accessories.

The minimum version of the operating system – iOS 9.3. iOS has already begun to move towards a new goal, to become a full-fledged OS for professionals. But this path, if done correctly and intelligently, not fast. In the depths of the iOS was born, a new system, with completely different parameters and peculiarities, and infancy and early childhood the operating systems, when anything they are not really suitable for many. It usually takes 4 to 5 years.

Alluding to the iPadOS , if someone does not understand.