Despite the fact that most developers distribute their apps and games on the model of free-to-play, there are still those who honestly allows you to purchase them at a fixed price, which, however, is often quite high. Of course, if you want you can try to find cheaper or even free counterpart, but most of all a willingness to take half-measures will not bring you any good. In such cases, the tracking function changes the prices ON the App Store.

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We continue our column devoted to the automation of daily processes on iOS using the application “Quick commands”. It allows to create different scenarios by performing multiple actions by pressing one key, which greatly facilitates the use of iPhone and iPad. And some teams not only facilitate interaction with the device, but extend their functionality by allowing you to do things that were not available out of the box.

How to know about discounts in the App Store

    • Install a “Fast team” (download) and download the team App List (download);


    • Launch the App Store and locate the app;

    • Click on the “Share” button, in the opened window select “Quick commands” and then the App List;

  • Go to the menu of widgets on your desktop and activate the App List – the screen will display the current price of the app.

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Despite the fact that the App List is unable to notify a depreciation or appreciation of the application in silent mode, you need only two touches of the screen to view the current price. Well, if you don’t like it and you want to receive the newsletter about current discounts on apps and games for iOS, subscribe to our channel in the Telegram. For him, every day we hand select only the best deals that I share with you.