Reader mode is one of the most overlooked features of Safari. For some reason, many neglect them, despite the fact that it carries a lot of advantages. Moreover, it increases the readability of the text, making it larger, so also hides all ads and unnecessary elements of the website, so nothing distracts you from reading. Therefore, in iOS 13 Apple developers decided to facilitate users work with the regime, making it even easier.

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Forced activation of the reader mode in iOS 13 is the same as in previous versions of the OS. It is enough, being on a web page that supports reader mode, press a key that appears in the address bar. But automatic activation has undergone some changes.

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To read mode to be activated automatically on all web pages, you need to make a slight adjustment:

  • Open a compatible web page and click on the “AA” in the address bar;
  • From here, navigate to the settings web site;
  • In the window that appears enable the option of automatic activation of the reading mode.

Once you turn on the autoactivate read mode, it will apply to all compliant web pages in that domain and subdomains. But be prepared for the fact that not all sites support reader mode. In this case, you will have no choice but to consume their content in the form in which it was proposed by the Creator.

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Despite the fact that the possibility of autoactivation mode read mode is present in iOS 11 iOS 12 and, in our opinion, in iOS 13 this function is more logical. If previously the user had to press and hold mode, which to some seemed completely illogical and unintuitive step, now this has a button assigned miss that will be very difficult.