iOS, despite the earlier release, not developed as rapidly as Android. For example, for a long time the iPhone was not built-in QR-code and users had to resort to using third-party applications that are able to work with them. However, as the operating system Apple developed and grew stronger, she learned not only to scan QR codes with the help of standard tools, but also create. Tell how and why to do it.

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This publication is another of the series of instructions for automation of daily processes using the application “Quick commands”. It allows you to create yourself or use ready-made scripts that include several consecutive steps to achieve the desired result. Thanks to the “Quick commands” can significantly expand the functionality of iOS, as close it to Android while maintaining the same stability and protection.

How to link QR code

    • To create a link to a website in the form of a QR code, install a “Fast team” (download) and upload the command “Links” (download);
    • Now open a browser to the website or web page that you want to “wrap” in the QR code;
    • Go to the menu “Share”, scroll through the list of available actions and start the “easy command”;
    • Here, select “References” and click “Create QR code”;
    • Once code is created, you can immediately view, save for later use, or forwarded.

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Similarly, you can generate QR codes leading to apps from the App Store. You need to find the right game or program, go to its page and click “share” to repeat the same steps as described above. Sometimes this method of transmission links can be more convenient than a straight line.