In 2016 Apple has seriously updated MacBook Pro lineup, adding touch panel touch Bar. Initially, this idea seemed like a win – win- user receives an additional screen through which you can directly interact with applications. However, even after four years of Touch Bar has not gained popularity among users. The greatest dissatisfaction among the owners of MacBook Pro is the fact that the touchpad completely replaced the function keys. In addition, the Touch Bar is absolutely useless in Windows 10 and other operating systems. At least it was until this moment.

One of the main problems Touch Bar — lack of support for other operating systems. On Windows 10, the touch panel displays only the function keys for media control, volume and screen brightness. But soon things can change.

One of the developers decided to correct this annoying fault. Using simple manipulations, the enthusiast was able to move the panel “start” in Windows 10 directly on the Touch Bar.

Of course, to the level of adaptation of the macOS is still far. However, now users can quickly switch between programs and tasks, but also include search and voice assistant Cortana.

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As required, the start menu can be removed from the main screen and, thereby, free up additional usable space for apps.

How to move bar to “start” on the Touch Bar

The developer notes that the instruction to transfer will only work on laptops with Apple chip T2.

In the future, the developer plans to add options to control some of the built-in applications Windows 10. We can only wait for updates.