This week Apple also does not leave us without any interesting events. Not only that, suddenly, has released an update for the MacBook, so still registered in Russia as much as 5 new iPad!it is not as epic as the detection function of the Apple Watch, which enabled you to eavesdrop on iPhone users (Yes, you and me, too).

On 9 July, Apple has updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Laptops got screens that support True Tone and updated the hardware now, even the entry model MacBook Pro 13-inch is equipped with a touch panel and Touch Bar fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Sounds cool, but if you suddenly do not need Touch Bar (or just like a traditional button), MacBook Pro officially you will not buy. Now in the MacBook Pro lineup officially no more models without touch panel Touch Bar, but at least the cost of a computer has not changed — the minimum configuration still cost 109 990 rubles.

Under the guise of the updates Apple also cut the price of MacBook Air Retina and removed from sale MacBook 12″ and old MacBook Air. If early Air with Retina display in its basic configuration was almost 107 thousand rubles, now it can be purchased for less than 94.

In General, it is not clear why Apple decided to upgrade computers right now, and not wait for autumn. Yes, the update is timed to the beginning of the school year (which is still a month and a half), but all expected, Apple will refuse the problem of the “butterfly” in the MacBook and replace it with “Scissors”. However, even new computers are supplied with “butterfly”. Write what you think about it in our Telegram chat.

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The day after that the Eurasian economic Commission has registered five new models of iPadrunning iPadOS. Before the tablets, referred to in the registration documents of the Agency, did not appear in any databases, indicating that this is a new device, an official release which presumably will take place this fall.

Registration documents do not contain references about the characteristics of innovations, as well as the diagonal of their display, and especially the timing of the release. However, given that Apple still have debts on tablets, there is no doubt that we have before us an iPad with a diagonal of 10.2 inches. This is the first iPad that “out of the box” operate on the basis of iPadOS.

The update makes sense — upgrade the classic line iPad, which this year have not been updated, predicted in the spring.

Remember the presentation watchOS 5? Well, there’s still an Apple representative on the scene riding on a trainer-Bicycle, showing how to communicate using a Walkie-Talkie. In fact it is voice chat, which allows you to exchange messages with one click on the clock. So, on the night of 10 July 11, Apple has blocked voice chat Walkie-Talkie in the Apple Watch. The reason was the gap that allowed you to eavesdrop on iPhone users without their knowledge.

Obviously, turning off the Walkie-Talkie is a temporary phenomenon. However, in contrast to the vulnerability in FaceTime, which allows you to hear and see the customer, even if he didn’t answer the call, it was discovered the Apple. Yes, the company said that they are not aware of any case of exploitation of this vulnerability, but if someone managed?

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So anyway, Apple should be more considerate to the drawing Board to continue such a situation is not repeated and the company has not lost its credibility.