The possibility of Apple Pay are not limited only to contactless payment of purchases and money transfers using Apple Pay Cash. Thanks to the Wallet app paired with which payment service users from the USA and some other countries can use the digital version of subway passes, entrance tickets for events and much more. Unfortunately, in Russia this was not possible, but soon everything will change.

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According to senior Vice President of VTB Dmitry Snesar, before the end of the year in Russia will earn a digital version of the transport card “Troika”. It can be activated in Apple Pay and to pay her travel on public transport with your smartphone. It will be enough to add “Three” in the Wallet app and verifying your identity with a fingerprint or an image of his face, to touch the smartphone to the reader at the turnstile.

How to pay metro through Apple Pay

The digital version of the “Troika” is officially expected to be launched before the end of the year. However, for obvious reasons, to work such a decision will only be in Moscow. But, says Snesar, the authors do not plan to limit the ability to pay the fare in the subway in a contactless manner to users of Apple’s smartphone. Along with Apple Pay support for digital “Troika” will Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Thus they would be able to carry the card with you, and to pay the fare the same as in the store.


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Possible VTB waiting for the release of iOS 13, to allow iPhone users to independently digitize the Troika. In any case, it is known that with the release of the updates Apple is planning to add OS additional features to the built-in module of the near field. One of them is the possibility of digitization of documents with RFID chips. It will be enough to scan the card using NFC, keep it in memory Wallet and start to pay for travel quickly and technologically.