On 28 June it became known that Apple will leave one of the fundamental figures of the company jony Ive. The famous designer decided to concentrate all their forces at their own Studio LoveFrom. The journalists, Fortune decided to learn how ordinary employees took the news of the imminent departure Quince. The results of this survey were unexpected.

Anonymous voting

To obtain the most fair and objective results, used an anonymous service TeamBlind.

TeamBlind is an application where employees of major companies can anonymously share their experiences, as well as to various discussions on topics relating to the current or former place of work. This community is very popular among applicants. Just the service, it is estimated, was about 7,000 people working at Apple.

Specifically, this vote was attended by 100 employees of the Corporation.

The results of the survey

More than half, namely, 52% of respondents said that the withdrawal of the Quince will not affect the company. 22% of respondents said that the departure of legendary designer and will have a positive impact on the Affairs of the Corporation. The remaining employees (26%) believe that the resignation of the Quince will be a serious blow to Apple.

Furthermore, the vast majority, namely 76% of employees noted the huge contribution of the Quince and its high importance for Apple. Only 8% of respondents expressed negatively in relation to the legendary designer.

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The vote showed that, in General, employees of the company is optimistic about the future of the company. Many of them believe that Apple will remain a trendsetter in the world of design and will retain its leading position in the development of advanced products.