Practical benefits of foldable smartphones rather dubious. Despite their ability to increase the working area of the display, they don’t win the tablet neither from the point of view of reliability, nor from the point of view of prices. Time Apple realized this, and therefore he did not hurry to release the foldable iPhone, preferring to focus on tablets. However, innovative ambitions prevent the company from Cupertino of peace and she, in order to minimize the negative consequences of his decision, thinking about the issue of the convertible iPad.

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As reported by analysts IHS, Markit, Apple is working on a iPad project with foldable design. The future tablet will have a flexible display that can be folded in half to naturally reduce the size of the device and, instead of carrying a separate briefcase, place it in a small handbag or even inside pocket of his jacket. This option may be even more practical than the 4-inch smartphone set to 8 inches.

Foldable iPad

Unfortunately, information about the project folding tablet not so much. Even while it is not known what form factor Apple will choose for future trends: will it be decomposed in the manner of a Fold or Galaxy Huawei Mate X. But we know that the future of “the pill” I want to equip a full 5G modem, which will provide the owner with high-speed Internet access. However, given the complexity of the design, it can be assumed that the light she sees is that in a year.

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In fact, even if Apple right now is designing a foldable iPad, there is no guarantee that this product will ever hit the market. It is not excluded that history could repeat itself and the company’s engineers simply apply the achievements obtained in the process of designing a tablet with a foldable design, in the production of the iPhone Fold. In the end, it is always easier to work with a more bulky device than with a compact, especially when it comes to flexible displays.