The presentation that Apple held in the first day of WWDC’2019, was unusually rich in novelties. The company once again confirmed that its developers get their salaries, and do work for the benefit of users. However, over the major innovations such as Project Catalyst or night themes from iOS 13 we necessarily missed a lot of minor, at first glance, functions that can improve the experience of using the operating system.

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One such feature is support for the radio, which got Siri. Thanks to her, the voice assistant is able to reproduce a radio broadcast from over 100 stations around the world. This is already possible on the iPhone with installed iOS 13 beta 2 iPad iPadOS c and HomePod. To activate the stream, then you can just ask Siri to turn on the desired program or station if you know its name.


How to listen radio on iPhone

Due to the fact that the radio in the iPhone and other Apple devices used to send government alerts, or not at all, the transmission of a signal to provide various online services. By now we know that Apple has managed to negotiate the integration of services like iHeartRadio, TuneIn and However, it seems the time of release iOS 13 in the autumn of this year, the number of supported services radio will increase.

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The desire for Apple to integrate a radio into Siri stems from the desire of the company to make playback more personalized for each user. Artificial intelligence underlying the voice assistant, will automatically analyze the preferences of students, forming them on the basis of collections consisting of various radio stations and broadcast their transmissions. As a result, users will have access to the kind of playlists that will meet their interests.