Apple likes order and tries to abide by it. That is why the updates of all operating systems usually come in one minute. Sometimes, however, even in such well-functioning system, like Apple, can be lining, and then the updates start coming out of sync. Beta versions it happens more than with release assemblies, and macOS and is updated in isolation from iOS 13. Output macOS 10.15 beta 5 – another proof.

Today, July 31, Apple released the fifth beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina. Update, as usual, will first be available only to registered developers with an active beta profile. To install the update will not work at all desire. However, given the popularity of the beta program as such, to find the current Network profile is not difficult.

How to install macOS 10.15 beta 5

Before you install macOS 10.15 beta 5 we recommend to make a backup of all data. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you risk losing important information stored on the computer to install a test version of the OS.

  • Download the beta profile macOS 10.15 this link;
  • Install it and then restart the computer.
  • Search for updates and download macOS 10.15 beta 5.

As usual, the editors does not recommend installing beta versions of the OS. This has less to do with interface bugs that prevent comfortable working with the computer-based test Assembly, but with vulnerabilities. Practice has shown that often Apple is in no hurry to address gaps in the operating system until the official release, assuming that users who install it, evaluate all risks related to testing early builds.