Despite the fact that Apple invented security has elevated the category of a cult. Largely thanks to the Cupertino company, users began to understand how valuable their personal information and why it is carefully protected from outsiders. But if to acquire information about the movement and purchases for criminals is quite difficult, to pick or spy the password from the account of his victim, much easier. Therefore, in iOS 13 Apple developers have implemented a new tool that will allow less to enter passwords.

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In this case we are talking about the possibility to be authorized with Touch ID or Face ID. Such an opportunity came with the release of the third beta version iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS 10.15 Catalina.

How to log in to your account with Touch ID

At the moment the authorization using biometrics is own the Apple website and its subdomains. When you try to log on and the device user with the established iOS 13, iPadOS or macOS 10.15 can confirm the input is not the password as it was before, and a fingerprint or face, depending on the available method of verification.

On sites where the available authorization using biometrics, the user will see a pop-up window that prompts you to log in to the account without a password. In this window you can change the account Apple ID to another and also to choose a method of confirmation.

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The ability to pass the authorization on sites using biometric sensors built into the smartphone or laptop is a very important innovation, which will significantly simplify the interaction with the accounts. It may indeed rid the world of passwords, as like Apple when I first equipped the iPhone with a fingerprint scanner. However, for this Apple will have to negotiate with the owners of millions of sites and web services that will not be so simple.