Project wireless charging of AirPower was announced in September 2017. Representatives of the company promised that the product will go on sale next year. But after a year and a half of hard work, the Corporation was forced to abandon his intentions. According to the Vice-President of Apple’s hardware, charging station did not meet the high standards of the company, from-for what the project was finally scrapped. This story received an unexpected continuation – yesterday it became known that Apple registered the trademark AirPower. What would that mean?

Registered trademark

New information appeared on the official website of the world intellectual property organization. The company registered the trademark AirPower June 30, 2019, three months after it was announced the completion of the development.

It is likely, Apple has registered the trademark in order to prohibit the use of AirPower for other is not excluded that in the foreseeable future Apple will decide to restart the project wireless workstation.

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The idea of AirPower seemed perfectly safe — charging station, which can charge three devices and regardless of location on the platform. None of the competitors did not offer anything like that.

However, during internal testing, AirPower became clear that this charger is not suitable for everyday use — the device is seriously overheated, creating interference with other devices, and therefore was not safe to use. Alas, to cope with these problems the engineers failed.