Journalists authoritative edition of Bloomberg, told of what to expect from the next Apple presentation. According to them, the event promises to be rich not only in software new – at least, should be announced in the updated Mac Pro c modular design. In addition, at the upcoming conference the top managers will announce to join Apple in a new era.

According to the publication Bloomberg, Apple will change their priorities. First of all, the company is committed to a future in which the iPhone is not the main product of the Corporation. The main goal — development of ecosystem products and services. That’s why Apple made the following changes:

Apple Watch as a separate product

The company introduced its first smart watch in 2015. But their sales are not even close to the iPhone. All this time the Apple Watch was positioned more as a Supplement to the smartphone than as a separate product. And in Cupertino are going to change the course of events by making a smart watch as an independent device. According to insiders, with access watchOS 6, the device will be almost independent of the iPhone, the Apple Watch will have its own App Store, and many basic programs, which have never been on the clock.

iPad as computer replacement

For many years now, Apple is positioning the tablet lineup, the iPad Pro as a complete replacement of computers. And one would really think so, if not for the limitations of mobile operating system iOS. In the upcoming update, the company will seriously work on it — will be refreshed home screen, various functions will appear to work with multiple applications and much more. All this will provide is comparable to full-fledged computers user experience.

Universal app

Developers will have at their disposal new tools for creating new and porting existing applications. In the future, the iOS ecosystem will be closely related to the macOS, in addition, in the framework of this initiative will be a combined basic technology of the two platforms.

This transition will probably last for several years, but now we are talking about the most serious efforts Apple is taking to bring together key operational systems, — said the developer Stephen Trouton Smith.

Apple has long been interested in augmented reality technologies. To bring this experience to iPhone and iPad, the company has even developed a set of tools ARKit. It is obvious that the Corporation is not going to stop, and intends to improve the technology in the future. It is likely that WWDC 2019 will again be placed much emphasis on the technology AR.