A few days before the worldwide developers conference WWDC. Soon top managers Apple will introduce the scene of new versions of operating systems. Despite the many rumors and leaks, we still don’t know what has been prepared by the company. Let’s hope for surprises, but for now let us think what we would like to see in Mac OS 10.15.

Improved performance

This is probably the most anticipated item for many users. To speed the actual macOS Mojave pretty hard to find fault, but Apple definitely has room to grow.

For fun, I conducted a series of tests, to detail the performance of macOS and Windows 10 on the same MacBook Pro. It turned out that the Microsoft OS is not only loaded faster, but also gives the best graphics performance. Under the same conditions (Ungine Heaven in OpenGL), the difference in performance was in favour of Windows about 15%. When you use DirectX 11, the difference became more evident — 30%.

The big question is why Apple as a manufacturer of hardware and software, did not disclose the capacity of the graphics subsystem in macOS at 100%. It is not excluded that part of the blame lies on the drivers of Intel/AMD/nVidia, but as we know, corporations have all the leverage.

Universal app

It is already known that Apple is working on a project “Marzipan” provides operation universal applications for iOS and macOS. It is expected that macOS 10.15 developers will receive a long-awaited tools for customizing applications. This means that very soon we will enjoy many programs and games with mobile platforms.the lack of applications, and as such was not, but who will refuse to launch favorite game from iOS to Mac?

The Mac App Store

Last year, Apple revealed a completely redesigned app store for iOS. Global changes have indeed benefited from the Mac App Store — number of downloads of applications has increased significantly, and the users themselves are much more likely to visit the brand directory programs. But it’s still not enough, major publishers continue to distribute the application to bypass the Mac App Store. Apple still have a lot of work to make your application catalog competitive. Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • The complex process of moderation (for developers);
  • A small number of applications and their high price;
  • The lack of games as class;
  • The lack of complete and detailed statistics on the application;
  • The lack of trial versions of applications.

It is possible that Apple also should reduce the Commission to attract publishers.


In macOS, Mojave Apple changed the font rendering, making it almost unreadable on external monitors (Full HD inclusive) and on an old MacBook with non-Retina screens. Definitely on the high resolution screens is no problem, but why Apple does not care about owners of older Mac? This question is also still unanswered.