The presentation that Apple held in the first day of WWDC’19, became one of the richest at the news event for the last time. The company has managed to tell about the amazing hardware products and the many innovations that we will see in future versions of its operating system, whose release is scheduled for the autumn. However, new modes of control the iPhone and iPad we have completely lost sight upgrade voice assistant Siri. About it will talk today.

This year Apple has improved Siri very much. Even if the voice assistant of the company’s level of intelligence has not yet reached the Google Assistant, it has definitely become more capable and more useful for everyday use. See for yourself.

Improved speech

Today Siri language skills can be considered one of the best on the market. Despite the fact that the voice assistant Apple may not answer all the questions how he does it is commendable. Though English, at least Russian-speaking version of Siri says is so human that sometimes inevitably begin to forget what they say artificial intelligence, not a living person. However, Apple, it was not enough and the company decided to improve the speech skills of the assistant even more. Thanks to the technology of neural conversion text to speech with the release of iOS 13 Siri began to sound even more natural.


Besides the fact that the pronunciation of Siri has become better in iOS 13 voice assistant received a significant improvement in diction. Now Siri will not swallow syllables to confuse the end and learn the correct declension of certain words. As a result, her speech will be clearer, and to perceive it will be much easier regardless of the language in which you speak.


Now Siri is not just voice assistant that can search the Internet for what you need. With the release of iOS 13 assistant learned to generate personalized recommendations of content based on a number of factors. For example, if you like to listen to podcasts, there’s a chance that Siri will find similar programs with essentially similar content and can recommend them. Recommendations work in many apps, including Safari, Apple Maps, “Reminders” and others.

Music control

How long, asked the developers at Apple decided that people to limit their right control the playback with voice and then just impossible. So with the release of iOS 13 Siri will learn how to interact with third-party music apps like Spotify and Pandora. In addition, the voice assistant will provide for the verbal control the playback of podcasts and audiobooks, so far only in normal applications.


Surprisingly, this fall, Siri will provide you advanced access to information summaries, learning independently connect to radio. And if you want you can just ask her to turn on the desired radio station or request information that is transmitted at a certain frequency, and Siri will immediately reproduce what you need.