The creators of this monster was just one goal, but urgent: to stop the decline in iPad sales. Let the sales of other tablets reduced iPad had to make a brilliant and incredible somersault and move in the opposite direction. It was thought that Apple is unable to anybody. Apple sample of 2015, also failed.

The biggest iPad ever, the number of pixels on the screen which was greater than the Retina MacBook Pro, with the CPU coming in to power small UltraBook CPU and GPU superior to all Iris and Iris Pro in Broadwell. A masterpiece! Engineers and engineering managers Apple has once again proved that they are the best in the world. That’s just a statement of tasks that something was wrong.

The demand for mobile devices was a non-renewable resource. The excitement and enthusiasm has led to his repeated overuse, and he was exhausted. This could not happen, in order to start thinking about this in advance, at least in summing up the holiday quarter of 2013 (the first fiscal quarter of 2014), when for three months it sold a record number iPad: 26,04 million pieces.

Fanfare, rewarding, legitimate pride: “we could, Steve!”, and the belief that it always will be that in the first fiscal quarter of 2015 (October-December 2014) will be sold 30 million, and for the holiday season 2019 in the job of collectors in Shenzhen, there will be 50 million, but the issue of additional circulation will cause these accidents to process, even on weekends. And suddenly decline.

Think about where a company carries and how to minimize the damage in a situation which is already close, and straight ahead is one of the many responsibilities of the head of the company. And not only the head – only top management. Shareholders pay them a huge salary, more than a million dollars a year (not including premiums and bonuses) including for it. Having the accurate and repeatedly rechecked information on the state of the market (and Apple’s foreign intelligence service – one of the best in the world), not to see “suddenly” in the fog of the future was inexcusable. Captains removed and judged for less.

But the iPad Pro was a little too good. Not without flaws, including a very serious, only one of which was fatal. He surpassed a third of Microsoft’s Surface Pro, and competed with the fourth. But something fundamentally new iPad Pro was not – it was worse.

Can the iPad Pro to replace the laptop?

Steve, once a long time ago, said that you can.

Even the first iPad. And it happened: what was the most users was domesticated before the desired computer, the very first iPad did with consummate ease and ease. To consume content wherever and however you want – it was a breakthrough. Sales confirmed it.

But now it was about something else. Not about ordinary people, which has long been good.

It seems that Tim and his team really believed in what they were saying. Otherwise, why are they invited experts and journalists to have a laptop and during the week instead of them to use the iPad Pro. Despite the fact that iOS 9 (even with all its innovations “for iPad”) for more or less serious professional use was too limited, and third-party life-critical applications its innovations have not reached yet.

The result was predictable. Legends computer journalism tested the iPad Pro for yourself, and the answer was a polite but firm “no.” To come to this conclusion, many of them took one day. Just among popular journalists, some preferred iPad Pro, and explained why – if the iPad Pro threatened someone’s interests, for these explanations competitors would pay them a lot of money, and asked to write more.

Giant iPad but nobody bothered. In the optimistic scenario, it was assumed that in the holiday quarter of 2015 (the first fiscal quarter of 2016) Apple will sell 3-4 million iPad Pro. The average forecast promised 2.0 to 2.5 million units.


But “won” the most pessimistic forecasts: for half of November and December of 2015, Apple has sold a little less than half a million iPad Pro. Only, during October-December of that year, it sold of 16.12 million iPads. At 5,30 million less than required to stop the decline.

And again, experts have calculated that on each iPad Pro “Apple” is welded about $ 200. For Apple, especially if we are talking about iOS devices is “just”. Attraction incredible generosity. Failed…

Breaking all the commandments

iPad size to A4? Steve was against it, because such a device uncomfortable to hold in one hand, as if to hold him with both hands, the middle area of the screen inaccessible to fingers.

Pencil? Steve was against it for a number of reasons, including due to the fact that the stylus will be very easy to lose.

Steve never sanctioned the release of the product, which is close to the original to repeat the already existing on the market leading and successful product without adding a single drop of the original “madness”, which alone could give in this situation a chance.

For the past three years is nothing radically new in mobile devices has not been invented. Because this was not possible, and everything that could be invented is already invented and implemented in hardware, glass and plastic?

One of the rules of mathematics(!) reads: “it is impossible to say what something is not, it is always possible to answer that bad looking”.

A little bit about the monster

With all its contradictions, from an engineering point of view, it is a real masterpiece. In its system-on-chip, Apple A9X, was the most powerful for 2015 mobile processor. The same Twister, forced to 2.25 GHz. 12-core graphics processor in the SoC was superior to any integrated graphics in Broadwell, and it looked decent even on the background of the graphics is integrated into the Skylake.

The power of the “engines” combined with touching concern about the economy. Worth at least the frequency control screen redraw depending on the context. And the screen itself was above all praise.

4 speakers, very high quality, indispensable weapon against the neighbours in apartment buildings with poor soundproofing (very loud). Almost reasonable. At any position the iPad in space, low frequency reproduction speakers are at the bottom.

The front and back camera – the iPad Air 2. They were called “obsolete”, but to use the most monstrous in the world of the iPad as a photo or video camera, in my opinion, matter. Only if pripechet, but high-quality snapshots or videos, if anything, was still guaranteed. Thank you for what they are. Something more cool would be overkill.

4 GB LPDDR4 (3200 MHz), NVMe to speed up access to your SSD, and much more. He tore in tests rivals to the flag of the Soviet air force, but to the success or failure of its specifications had no relationship. If interested, I can write about them separately next time.

At the beginning of sales, in the range had two models iPad Pro: iPad6,7 – WiFi only and iPad6,8 – Wi-Fi+Cellular; and only three options. iPad6,7 was offered with 32 and 128 Gigabytes of flash memory for 799 and $ 999. iPad6,8 offered only in one variant with 128 GB for 1079 dollars.

But, for the first time in the history of “Apple” tablets, the iPad wasn’t enough. Something was missing. It’s something in the delivery was not included and was purchased at his own expense. What do you want? “You bad buy our tablets, we’re losing money, pay!”


Most likely I’m wrong, but if Apple Pencil included in the package iPad Pro in the holiday season of 2015 they would have bought a million and a half or more. But alas.

The stylus was a full-fledged electronic device based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 processor with a clock frequency of 32 MHz and 64 kilobytes of flash memory.

To interact with the outside world used Bluetooth 4.1. And instead of the electronic version of the eraser at the rear end of the stylus, under a pretty cap, hiding the LIghtning plug used for charging the device. Complete filling was enough for 12 hours of work. Charged stylus slightly unexpected way: it was necessary to plug in the Lightning connector of the iPad Pro.

Full recovery of the charge the tiny battery of the stylus took a couple of hours, but in order to draw another half hour, the stylus need to recharge for 15 seconds. Comfortable?

Physical dimensions: length 176 mm, diameter 8.9 mm, weight – 21 grams. The hand felt familiar and comfortable, no worse than a normal pencil.

Cost… $ 99. As Apple TV 3 generation. The author’s work!

Disadvantages? First, the stylus is not in any way attached (and kept) on the body of the iPad Pro in the field could lead to tragic accidents. Magnet saved, or he contradicted some strict design principles – I don’t know. But if you let him go in free rolling on the table, he always stayed in the same position. With the logo and the model name at the top.

Second, before offering this device to professionals, it would cost them to try out. Apparently this is also saved. Professionals rejected it: response time, accuracy and all other of this device they did not fit. The market was more expensive solutions, which Apple Pencil could not compete.

For lovers, for those who have the habit from time to time something to draw, and professionals in the fields of science and technology not related to graphics, Apple Pencil was almost perfect. Diagrams, outlines, charts, plans of the ground surface areas, other illustrations of the drafts, cartoons. A useful trick.

Still had keyboard. Waterproof. Full-size. Which some hated, others praised, but typing with it was quite convenient, in fact. If not for long.

The keyboard of the main competitor (MS Surface Pro), she conceded with the devastating account.

To be continued…