First beta version iOS 13, to install which was not so easy to install, has confirmed rumors that Apple has decided to abandon the use of 3D Touch in favor of Haptic Touch. However, testing the updates on older devices has confirmed even more good news – the 3D Touch gestures will now be available to all. Apparently, in Cupertino have finally come to the conclusion that the way technology enhanced clicks faster will win popularity among users and among developers.

Indeed, the first iOS beta 13 3D Touch gestures even work on devices that do not have in their design the appropriate sensor. The most vivid example is iPhone SE.

3D Touch on the iPhone SE

Now the smart phone allows you to call the context menu of the application, preview links, and report on long-term retention. It appears that with the release of iOS 13 the iPhone 6s won’t have any advantages over the iPhone SE, which used to be a stripped-down version of the flagship that is due to the lack of 3D Touch.

In addition, the 3D Touch gestures appeared on the iPad, starting with iPad Air 2. Of course, in relation to tablet computers, Apple we are talking about the iPadOS, which in Cupertino have chosen to isolate from traditional iOS.

Innovation for the sake of innovation

So then what can be concluded? It turns out that the 3D Touch interface could be implemented in the form in which he appeared in iOS 13, from the beginning. However, it is clear that Apple banal needed at least some kind of killer feature for the iPhone 6s, which subsequently roamed to a new iPhone model just by inertia.

This, however, is not unusual. In Cupertino is very often done so in the past. For example, we know that Siri was originally planned to embed it in iPhone 4 with the output of one of the iOS updates, the mode of “Studio lighting” from iPhone 8 works fine on the earlier models, and for the work of Emoji, as it turned out, only one only the front camera.