MacOS users can be divided into two categories. Some are 100% sure that their favorite platform is immune to viruses, and therefore the use of anti-virus software has not the slightest sense. Others have a different opinion and believe that an extra level of protection will not be excess. Especially for them, experts “Roccasecca” made the list of best antivirus software under macOS, which is currently available on the market.

In total “Roskoshestvo” tested the 10 popular antivirus software. Testing was conducted by 365 indicators, which included the program’s ability to protect devices against viruses, phishing attacks, applications, ransomware, spyware and infected flash drives, the interface usability and influence on the performance of your computer.

The best antivirus for Mac

  • 1st place – Cyber Security Pro (ESET)
  • 2nd place – Kaspersky Internet Security
  • 3rd place – cloud Antivirus (Bitdefender)
  • 4th place – Antivirus for Mac OS (G Data)
  • 5th place – Deluxe Security (Norton)

Should we believe the tests “Roccasecca”

It is noteworthy that the results of the study gave not all of the contestants. For example, representatives of “Kaspersky Lab” said that the experts “Roccasecca” refused virus analysts of the company to verify the study, checking for mistakes. In addition, the “Laboratory” — probably like everyone else – have not received information about the malware which “Roskoshestvo” checked their antivirus.

Also my indignation was expressed by the test developers of anti-virus “Doctor Web”. In their opinion, strange to trust for computer antivirus research Department concentrates on the studies of food and clothing.

But if the claim of “Kaspersky Lab” you can note, the reference of “Doctor Web” to the test “Rascacielos” food and clothing are totally inappropriate. The fact that all tests carried out by the experts of the International Assembly of consumer testing, whose staff is composed of experts from different areas. They certainly know how to test antivirus program to determine its effectiveness. Another thing — whether they are on macOS.