The main news this week was undoubtedly the release of the new iPod. Honestly, after this the head was only one phrase: “are They all there, wtf?”. Well the truth is, to produce the same device that a few years ago, just with a new processor and 256 GB of memory?

Why buy iPod 2019

1. Apple has had four years to refresh the appearance of your player. The company was able to develop new and exciting design, and to please longtime fans and fans of the iPod. But no — the player offers all in the same old building, which was first shown to the users in far 2012.

The new iPod Touch is marketed as a gaming gadget — it looks logical, given that the global release of Apple Arcade around the corner. But seriously, a 4-inch display? By the way, Apple even provides the special conditions of Apple’s subscription Music for iPod Touch owners. What kind of musical direction can there be a speech?

And finally, the icing on the cake — the cost of the device. For the minimum configuration drive 32GB have to give 18990 rubles. Version with 128 GB worth 28190 rubles, and the model with 256 GB is offered already 37390 rubles. In short, we do not know for whom they did it — probably for children and developers who have no money for iPhone. But wait… Apple pays them billions of dollars?

What’s new in iOS 13

2. Okay, it’s not so bad. To WWDC a couple of days, and the Network has already appeared the real screenshots iOS 13! Whoa, how so do? Oh well, it flowed and flowed — let’s see.

First of all, it is worth noting that iOS 13 not undergo significant redesign. The design of the operating system will remain the same, except for a few subtle changes. It is evident that the Apple designers chose to darken the lower panel of commonly used applications, abandoning the light shade.


The second screenshot is not the updated design of Apple Music, and nothing but a night theme. You can activate it is in the settings and in the control room, brought there the desired key.

And here is the app Find my iPhone. Sorry, we can’t evaluate its functionality, but can clearly see that it got a new icon. Rumor has it that now the “Find my iPhone” will include more and the app “Find friends”!

Something a little new, huh? Well, you didn’t think that Apple will merge all of the new iOS before release.there, at Google screenshots of the new Android usually fly on the Internet half a year before release…

AirPods are not so good?

3. Shocker — Apple spoke about the disadvantages of AirPods! Company representatives did not deny that the AirPods battery is not replaceable, and they are almost not suitable for repair. However, Apple is making a huge effort for the disposal of damaged and defective headphones.

The process of recycling AirPods very complicated. If the iPhone deal with special robots, in the case of headphones this deals with a living person.

But this disadvantage does not end there. Given that the AirPods can not be repaired, Apple will have to give the owners of the damaged headphone replacement. Despite the fact that, as a rule, this procedure turns out to be a paid user, this is not a company the same benefits as, for example, delivery of damaged iPhone.

So in the case of Apple AirPods, it turns out, operates at a loss. Seriously? The poor man.

What to expect from WWDC 2019

4. Speaking of WWDC 2019. What are you most waiting for? In our Telegram chat there is a survey where you can participate and Express their opinion. We are not so much waiting for iOS 13. Seriously, do you really need a dark theme in iOS? We are doing just fine without it, and it makes almost a basic function of iOS 13. New widgets? It might be useful, but no more. Generally, in the new iOS often has a lot of features that we do not use in the future: iBeacons (remember that?), search for car Park and other game, which seems to be useful, but not used.

No, the new iPhone will not show, do not even think. WWDC is a software conference, not the September Apple event where Tim Cook all applauded after each word “Amazing”.

What are we waiting for? Do not believe it — the updates watchOS. What OSes hours — untilled field, and there is something to surprise. And give a third party a dials from the developers, and we want to put a dial Hermes, and it is impossible!